Jan 20, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner (33) runs against the San Francisco 49ers during the first quarter of the NFC Championship game at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

How Picking Up Brandon Lloyd May Make the Jets AFC East Favorites

It’s been a crazy offseason in the AFC East. Everything is seemingly going wrong for the division favorites, the New England Patriots. No WRs return to the team, Gronkowski went through surgery and won’t be back by week 1 and now Tom Brady’s final target, Aaron Hernandez is in major legal trouble. Playing against New England will essentially be the Jets vs Tom Brady and Stevan Ridley. Earlier in the offseason I wrote a few articles on moves the Jets would have to make to become a competitive team in the division. Now, with all the trouble the Pats are going through, there’s one move that can make the Jets truly a favorite in the division (and not just by a long shot)

Jan 20, 2013; Foxboro, MA, USA; twide receiver Brandon Lloyd (85) catches a pass as Baltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams (29) defends in the second quarter of the AFC championship game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

PICK UP BRANDON LLOYD – I don’t understand how he’s still on the wire. He’s a player the Pats are likely going to have to go after if they want to give Brady any kind of weapon to throw to. Who else is out there for them?  Chad Ochocinco? Not only will picking him up push the Pats into a corner, but the Jets receiving corps needs insurance (to say the least). There’s a chance Stephen Hill can be a great #2 WR and Santonio Holmes will hold down the #1 spot.  But Stephen Hill is still dropping balls in practice and Santonio is coming off a major injury, so whether or not he returns to the path he was on last season is a big question mark. Picking up a proven #1 target like Brandon Lloyd GUARANTEES that there’s a solid #1 and a super solid #2 in Holmes.  Holmes, coming off injury will also be a lot less pressured.  All of the sudden the Jets look like they can be the favorite for the AFC East.  Let’s look at the Jets vs the AFC East with the acquisition of Lloyd:

QB – Geno Smith/A Much Improved Mark Sanchez (I think Geno will start, the only way he doesn’t is if Sanchez starts playing like Matt Stafford)
RB – Chris Ivory
RB – Mike Goodson (can be solid, gained 100+ yards in every game he’s started in)
WR – Brandon Lloyd
WR – Santonio Holmes
WR – Jeremy Kerley
TE – Kellen Winslow

QB – Tom Brady, Tim Tebow
RB – Stevan Ridley
RB – Shane Vereen
WR – Danny Amendola
WR – Mike Jenkins
WR – Julian Edelmen
TE – Daniel Fells

QB – EJ Manuel/Kevin Kolb
RB – CJ Spiller
RB – Fred Jackson
WR – Stevie Johnson
WR – Robert Woods
WR – TJ Graham
TE – Scott Chandler

QB – Ryan Tannehill
RB – Lamar Miller
RB – Daniel Thomas
WR – Mike Wallace
WR – Brian Hartline
WR – Brandon Gibson
TE – Dustin Keller

Right there on paper, the Jets seem like they’d be neck and neck with Miami for the AFC East. Rex Ryan will also most likely have them put up a top 5 defense. In each of his seasons except last and one wih the Ravens (where it’s been ranked #7) he’s fielded a top 5 defense. Last year he was the 7th best in the NFL, considering they lost their best player in week 2 and had to adjust, I’d say that’s pretty damn impressive. Now Rex knows who he has and picked up the players he think would contribute most in the first round. This pushes the Jets ahead of Miami in my book. Just imagine if they were able to able to add a back like Michael Turner who is in a similar situation as Tomlinson was back in 2010. Now all of the sudden the Jets seem like they can compete with almost any AFC team.

QB – Geno Smith
RB – Michael Turner
RB – Chris Ivory/Mike Goodson
WR – Brandon Lloyd
WR – Santonio Holmes
WR – Jeremy Kerley
TE – Kellen Winslow

How could the above lineup not inspire any Jets fans to buy tickets to game #1 vs Revis and the Bucs?

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  • Lucky

    LOL Whoever this character is might be the least informed “analyst” (and boy, do I use that term loosely) on the planet. I’m speechless at his ignorance but love the comedy. Hey genius, why do you think no one has picked up Brandon Lloyd? Take your time – a real brain twister, ain’t it?

  • Jimmy Jackson

    You really know how to push the envelope as far as wishful thinking. You pushed it so far you are in crazy land! Not a snowballs chance in hell is this going to happen this year. Too much rebuilding, they need chemistry and talent and 2 other teams have more (potentially 3). I say the the Jets come in last place. Wishing thinking is one thing, stupidity is another.

    • Josh Carter

      wishful thinking? this is a theoretical scenario!

      • Bennny K

        Haters always hate. I.e. Hernendez

  • Cgoodness13

    If the jets can avoid drama, I see 8-8

  • Keith Brodeur

    I read this “article” several moments ago, but was laughing so hard it took a few moments to post this comment. Whew, thanks for the laugh!!!!!

  • Tyler

    Lol is this article a joke? Jets end last place with 2-3 wins. You’ve got no brain.

    • Josh Carter

      do you realize that this is a theoretical scenario? You must be using too much brain power on insulting people

      • Josh Carter

        also email me I’ll bet you as much money as you want that even without Lloyd the Jets will get 4+ wins. idiots like you said that about the Aggies last year. Guess who was right back then too

        • Lucky

          Whoa!!!! 4+ wins. What a team. What a coach! What a quarterback!!!! 4+ wins. Hahahahahahaha

  • Bennny K

    Lloyd signing would put the jets in contention maybe not favorites. It looks like the Patriot Way is no longer about high quality characters and anything it does to win. Buffalo could go either way and the Dolphins rely on the skills of Tannehill. Any way you cut it, this year will be interesting.

    • Josh Carter

      I think as of now the Dolphins will be the AFC East champ. The Jets will really need Geno to step up in training camp

      • Bennny K

        If Tanny can take the next step the Dolphins are pretty loaded. Realistically it’s the Pats division until a QB steps up. The only two times a team took the division from the Pats the QB was Pennington. The Pats D can’t stop good QBs.

  • YardJet

    While watching the Patsies fall apart because of the poor character of their players, why do you want to add one of the worst to the Jets? The Jets need to take their time and build through the draft to have any lasting success. They will be okay this year, much better than most bozo fans expect, and flush with cash and draft picks next year. I hope they don’t add problems like this guy.

    • Josh Carter

      thank you, I don’t see how anyone could seriously think the Jets will have 2-3 wins after they pummeled the colts and played competitively with the texans seahawks and at the pats last year with 2 holes in their o line and no wrs. this year they’re much improved. I expect them to be in a tight race for a wild card at the end of the season with or without lloyd

    • Lucky

      So the Pats are going to fall apart because of one player. Seriously? That’s your argument? The Pats will in no way “fall apart”. They played without Gronk (a vastly better TE) much of the year as well as Hernandez. Who else is a “bad character”? Brady? Riddly? Amendola? WIlfork? Vollmer. I mean dude, stop sounding like a third grader.

      • YardJet

        I was refering to the character concerns of your young players, and I don’t mean just one. The Jets, like most teams, have their share of players who put more time into party than recovery like Gronk, but they have been getting rid of them – adding this guy is exactly what they don’t need.

        • Lucky

          You’re just mouthing off BS – you don’t know any of the Pats “young players”. Nor do you have a clue as to Grink’s work ethic. Typical Jets fan – hideous franchise that is an embarrassment but knows how to fix other teams. The only character concern you should worry about is your loud mouth, overrated coach.

  • Lucky

    So josh is counting on a rookie QB that no one thought too highly of to lead a bad team in one year to beat Brady and Co. Josh, I mean with all due respect, are you 12?

    • Josh Carter

      trust me, I’m right about everything

  • Lucky

    Josh – you still haven’t answered me. If he’s such a difference maker, why hasn’t any other team picked up Lloyd. I think the Jets learned their lesson last year when no one else wanted Tebow. The Jets scouts are terrible – maybe its better they just watch what others do.

    • Josh Carter

      he had just below a 1,000 yard season last year. I don’t know why a team hasn’t picked him up, maybe most teams are looking to see who they got in the draft and how those players pan out. Plenty of good players every year are left on the wire this long then are picked up and have great years, just ask Cedric Benson. Also, if you want to be a dick with your comments, at least grow some nuts and sign in with your name, twitter or facebook or something

  • Alan D’Angelo

    Bro, whatever you’re on I have two questions.

    1. Is it legal?
    2. Does it come in six packs?

  • Korwil

    Michael Turner is probably worse than Shonn Greene at this point in his career and idk if Brandon Lloyd is the ultimate answer although he would be an upgrade for the Jets at WR. I think the only way the Jets compete is if one of our QBs steps up and if we get good running from Ivory/Goodson/Powell.

    In all honesty, the Patriots supporting cast around Tom Brady is the worst it has been in years. I don’t think Amendola is as good as Welker and the loss of Hernandez and looming Gronk injuries will be HUGE. Tom Brady is IMO the best QB in the league but he does not have the match-up nightmares we are accustomed to seeing. Plus if Amendola suffers another concussion, he will have to start taking more and more time to get back because of his history.

    This is the year that the division is up for grabs if someone wants to dethrone the Patriots. Do I think it will be the Jets? I have no freaking clue.

  • Pablo

    Actually this seems legit. I believe Sanchez will step up to next level and at least be 60% or above in completions with at least 3500 yards and 30 TD with 18 int.