Pictures: Aaron Hernandez Throws Up Gang Signs in High School

You all know the story of ex-New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez by now. The Patriots and Bill Belichick took a risk on him in the fourth round of the 2010 draft.

Now in 2013 after everything staying relatively calm, Hernandez has been charged with first-degree murder and a slew of other charges. There’s also a chance he is a suspect in a double-murder back in July of 2012. Rumblings of gang affiliations have followed Hernandez throughout the course of his football career.

That notion was furthered today when TMZ managed to dig up a photo of Hernandez from high school in which he is throwing up a supposed gang sign of a Connecticut gang.

TMZ had this to say about the photo:

TMZ has obtained a photo of Aaron Hernandez throwing up gang signs often associated with the Bristol Bloods street gang in Connecticut … while dressed head-to-toe in red clothing.

The photo was taken approximately 6 years ago, when Aaron was 17-years-old … and a senior at Bristol Central High.

Aaron was long-rumored to be a member of the gang … and now, with this photo — combined with the “blood” tattoo spotted on his hand during his arraignment — the doubt has seemingly been erased.

More details will continue to leak out about Hernandez’s past. So far it’s not looking good, but we’ll be here with you every step of the way.

Stay tuned.


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  • Zach

    I am always stunned by these kids that just piss it all away.

  • octavia a henry

    He actually looks like a gang member. Tatoo’s everywhere.

    • blu3ny3llow

      Not that I’m on his side or anything….. but in the 2000s tattoos r a way of expression… there are plenty of good people full of tattoos

      • octavia a henry

        And you are right” but I would not do it. It’s a sin to mark your body up like that.

  • octavia a henry

    Can he imagine the pain he’s putting that family through.