Jun 11, 2013; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) during minicamp at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears Waiting for Jay Cutler to Prove He Deserves Contract Extension

The Chicago Bears quietly have one of the bigger story lines this offseason as quarterback Jay Cutler is slowly rolling toward free agency. The Bears were exploring the idea of giving Cutler an extension before new head coach Marc Trestman was brought to town.

Apparently Trestman nixed the idea of a Cutler extension, instead choosing to take a wait-and-see approach.  Vaughn McClure of The Chicago Tribune has the report:

 Sources said the team previously discussed giving Cutler a long-term deal worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 million per season. But that was before Marc Trestman took over as head coach. Cutler is due to make $8.97 million this season.

If Cutler performs well, his contract demands might be high. Such a scenario might entice the Bears to use the franchise tag on him next season at a rate expected to be around $15 million for one year. It would be a more likely option than franchising Melton for a second straight season, at a cost of $10.14 million in 2014.


The Spin: Ouch. You’d think Cutler is above the list of quarterbacks who could get replaced when a new coach comes in. Not to say Cutler is in danger of being replaced, but it has to be a tough pill to swallow if you’re Cutler.

Cutler is now going to have to prove to his new boss he is worth the money. We have a feeling he’ll do well enough to merit an extension, but it could be a telling sign that all contract extension talks were halted once a new head coach came to town.

Only time will tell.


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  • NinerED

    Why should it be any different? He hasn’t won anything in Chicago, so why should he get paid?

  • Alter Ego

    Heck yeah. That’s a lot of cheddar for a QB whose only led the NFL in one category in his career- ever…and that was interceptions thrown in 2009. All his other stats are pretty mid road stuff. He is a one time pro bowler – and that was with Denver back in 2008.

    He should be thankful for the nine million. I think he’s playing for his job at this point. You gotta figure Chicago fired Lovie…FIRED LOVIE – no way he gets a pass. It’s a career year for him anyway you look at it – as it should be.

    I hear that Foles may come available from the Eagles…shhhh…that’s a rumor though.

  • franklingray

    both of you are idiots. You think Foles is better than Jay? Oh my you have a lot to learn about football.

    Yes, Jay will have a great year. Last time he played for an offensive minded coach he went to the pro bowl and that was his first real year of playing. No QB could have done much with what Chicago has given him the past few years and I’m not even sold on the WRs this year either but at least now they have a coach who can teach the WRs something or two.

    Now I’m not saying Jay is great, he isn’t. His biggest weakness is one major attribute of all the great ones….the ability to see the whole field and things before they happen. Jay tends to lock into one receiver and if that receiver gets open, or just mildly open, Jay will get the ball to him. There is nobody better in the league at threading the needle than Jay and nobody better than Marshal at catching those balls in traffic. Jay just needs more time and one more weapon that he trusts.

    I also think that Tressman will help Jay in seeing the field better. Martz helped Jay a lot in that area, especially in limiting the interceptions. Here’s to hoping Tressman finishes the job Martz started.

    • Alter Ego

      Go ahead and admit it – your sweet on Jay.

      I personally don’t care about the Bear’s QB situation. There isn’t exactly a whole lot of fear when Cutler comes to town. His performance speaks for itself.

      You must believe he is worth a 15 mill a year. Seriously?

      • franklingray

        I’m not sweet on Jay but I do really enjoy watching him play. Some of the throws he makes is unbelievable…both good and bad :) Now I guess you are a GB fan because he does struggle against them…I think because he tries to do too much given it’s the one team that the Bears fans want to beat the most and that ends up in interceptions due to him forcing the ball.

        Do I think he is worth 15 mill a year? NO, but I don’t think any of these QBs are worth 15 mill a year, but with Romo at 17.5 and Elli at 20.5 a year and Falco breaking the bank as a pay scale, I definitely would not balk at giving him 15 mill,

        As a Bear fan, I just hope he doesn’t get greedy after a really good year and asks for 20 mill like Falco. I think Falco ruin his team with his greed and same thing with Elli.

        Personally, I think it’s a wise decision for a QB to work it into his contract that he will take 5 mill less each year as long as the team spends that on linemen. By doing so, it would prolong the career of the QB and therefore, he will make more money in the long run.

        Now the funny thing is when a QB takes a big pay cut for the team like Brady and they don’t use that money on linemen or weapons. Poor guy has nobody to throw to next year.

        • Alter Ego

          No fault in rooting for your guy.
          Like I said before this will be a career year for him anyway you look at it.