January 27, 2013; Honolulu, HI, USA; AFC quarterback Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos (18, left) shakes hands with NFC quarterback Eli Manning of the New York Giants (10, right) after the 2013 Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium. The NFC defeated the AFC 62-35. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Tiki Barber: Eli is Better Than Peyton Manning

This can be a debate among NFL fans across the country, but when it comes down to it, Eli has two championships and Peyton has one. Tiki Barber, a former New York Giant, is biased in his assessment and of course believes that Eli is better than Peyton:

“I remember having these conversations with people who watched Eli in college, saying, ‘He’s good, but he’s never going to be Peyton, he’s not Peyton.’ Guess what? I think he’s better than Peyton,” Barber said. “Because of clutch. What matters in sports? It’s winning and losing. You get to the stage and what do you do? Eli’s gotten there and he’s won.”

When people argue basketball and talk about the best player ever, all the Michael Jordan fans will point to one reason on why he is better than LeBron James or Kobe Bryant. Just look at the hardware. In these games, there is only one thing that matters, winning the championship.

Eli has brought his team to the promised land a couple of times and has come away with the hardware a couple of times. All the stats in the world could give Peyton the advantage, but the one stat that matters is the championship rings.

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