Aug 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (5) warms up prior to the game against the Atlanta Falcons at M

Quarterback Rankings: No. 7

Every two days, Rishi Pochiraju will reveal a quarterback on his grand list of quarterback rankings. Each quarterback will receive a grade out of 50 – 10 points for each category. See his page for earlier ranked quarterbacks. Up next: number 7.

#7. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

Super Bowl MVP quarterback Joe Flacco earned his $120 million in the playoffs last season. Since he’s been in the league, he has done nothing but win – in fact, he’s one of the most successful quarterbacks ever for someone his age.

Flacco has lost a lot of pieces of the 2012 Super Bowl squad, but general manager Ozzie Newsome has done a good job of replacing the people who were lost through free agency. Flacco should be fine on offense despite the loss of Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta because of what he’s capable of.

Physical traits and athleticism

Listed at 6-6, Flacco is an extremely tall quarterback. His weight comes in at about 245 pounds. This strong physical structure helps Flacco stand tall and strong in the pocket and allows him to easily see over the line of scrimmage. He’s just average in terms of athleticism and speed, but can burn a defense every once in a while if that unit loses track of him. Grade: 8.5/10

Arm talent

Flacco is known for his big arm. We saw it in that divisional game against Baltimore, we saw it in the Super Bowl, and heck, we’ve seen it his whole NFL career. Flacco has arguably the strongest arm in the league. He simply has a cannon for an arm. He still throws the short-to-intermediate passes with good accuracy,. Grade: 9.5/10


Flacco’s arm strength doesn’t hinder his mechanics. He is a veteran quarterback now, and his footwork and throwing motion is sound. His arm motion remains on point even when throwing the ball from some sort of awkward delivery position, such as rolling to his left. His weight transfer is above par and his release point is high, aided by his height. Grade: 8.5/10

Mental make-up

As stated above, Flacco is now considered a veteran in the league. He’s been reading defenses and dissecting coverages for a while now. His arm strength is not the only reason he’s got this far in his career. He recognizes coverages and blitzes well, as expected by a veteran quarterback. Grade: 9/10


Flacco started the transition towards being the Raven’s main leader last season. Now, with Ray Lewis retired, Flacco must inherit Lewis’s old role. It doesn’t mean he has to do the whole dance and all, but his leadership qualities must take over. Flacco is a hard-worker who proved that last season in the playoffs. Although he may come across as “dull” or whatever else the media calls him, he’s just your everyday Joe. Grade: 8.5/10

Overall impression

If not an elite quarterback, Joe Flacco is more than solid. His play in the playoffs last year should’ve proved that. Baltimore is in good hands for the next 6+ years with Joe Cool under center. Overall Grade: 44.5/50

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