Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt (18) is introduced before a game against the Atlanta Falcons at LP Field. The Titans beat the Falcons 27-16. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Kenny Britt makes situation even worse, tweets he thinks he'll be gone

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt is an absolute headcase, and I’m always disappointed when players as talented as Britt just can’t get it together. There’s no doubt that Britt is one of the most individually talented receivers in this league, and he would be a star, No. 1 wideout if he could be consistent. Some of that inconsistency is derived from chronic injuries, but a lot of it also comes from his attitude. He comes off as a player who is not only unwilling to get better at his craft, but he also comes off as a diva receiver who cares more about numbers than helping his team.

I’m sure this tweet will be deleted at some point soon since it’s not something a professional athlete should be sending out, but Kenny Britt tweeted that he thinks he’s a goner.

Jared Cook card? This is not only a much different situation, but it’s simply a bad idea to tweet this out. Even though it is obvious that the Titans have Britt in their doghouse (for good reasons, which I’ll get to later) and most likely won’t want to have him back, it’s still idiotic for Britt to tweet that this is likely his last year. It’s not professional at all, especially the reference to Jared Cook. You can’t try and make your team look bad like that, and Britt gets no sympathy from me here. I am a huge fan of Britt’s abilities (enough to stupidly keep him on my fantasy roster last season), but he just doesn’t use his head.

Britt just earned himself a deeper spot in the coaching staff’s doghouse, and I would be shocked if he has a future with the Tennessee Titans next season. There is no incentive to re-sign an injury-prone headcase, no matter how incredibly talented and upside-filled he may be.

The Titans have Kenny Britt in their doghouse, because they benched him this past week against the Houston Texans. According to The Tennessean’s Jim Wyatt, the Titans coaches were sick of Britt making mistakes and not trying to block. That hardly comes as a surprise given Britt’s track record, and the Titans sent a message after being tired of his act. He’s been given every opportunity to get things together after his myriad of off-field troubles, but he keeps on proving the Titans wrong. It’s so frustrating to see such a talented player waste his gifts by committing dumb penalties, not blocking, running awful routes, and just generally being a nuisance. I may be overreacting about this tweet, but this was just an awful idea given Britt’s track record and current standing with the team following a benching that was a long-time coming.

Britt has just five catches for 43 yards this season and has never caught 50 passes in a season, which is a testament to his inability to consistently produce.

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