San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy on the sideline against the Philadelphia Eagles during the second half at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers biggest risers in ESPN's latest rankings

The San Diego Chargers looked like a team trending in the right direction under a new head coach and GM, and both Mike McCoy and Tom Telesco have done an incredible job thus far. McCoy was a vastly underrated reason why the Denver Broncos made it to the playoffs (and won a game) with Tim Tebow at quarterback, because McCoy was able to implement the option and creatively build an offense that best-utilized the strengths of Tebow and running back Willis McGahee. Meanwhile, Telesco was instrumental in the Indianapolis Colts front office, and he made some terrific moves for the Chargers in the offense, with the signings of Dwight Freeney and Derek Cox being two crucial moves on offense.

I thought the Chargers had a really nice offseason and had a rebuilding team in perfect hands, but I clearly did not see this type of start coming for them. And while it’s far too early to be drawing conclusions from a 1-1 team that has played in two close games, the San Diego Chargers have looked better than I thought, and they have risen through some major injuries at receiver to play this well through two games. Philip Rivers looks like a man on a mission, and it’s time people stopped giving Rivers unnecessary hate. The guy’s a good quarterback, and that’s a fact that hasn’t changed despite an offensive line that has done its best to make him look bad. There are still questions on this team and while I still don’t think they’ll have too much success this season, this team has looked a lot better than I thought thus far, and the Chargers are a team trending upwards.

ESPN released their newest power rankings, and the San Diego Chargers were the biggest risers. They moved up a whopping ten spots from 26th to 16th following their 33-30 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles (they tied with the Washington Redskins- the team they beat in Week 1- as the biggest fallers by moving down five spots) on a game-winning TD pass from Rivers to slot receiver Eddie Royal. The fact that they are out of the bottom and into the middle-of-the-pack just shows how much the Chargers have surprised, and McCoy and Telesco have been pulling the right strings. They played the Houston Texans really close on Monday Night Football, and they just might surprise me again.

Philip Rivers, by the way, has been terrific. I really love watching this guy play when he’s at his best, and I hope Keenan Allen can end up being a top target for him as the season develops. I’m not exactly buying into this team since it’s really early, but they look more like a 7-9 team than a 5-11 team.

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