Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

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So it looks as if the San Francisco 49’ers are not the best team in the National Football League. For now, that title goes to the Seattle Seahawks who completely dominated San Francisco in every phase of the game during their Sunday night match-up.

Despite an impressive performance to clinch the top spot in this weeks Power Rankings, the Seahawks weren’t the only team to make a bid for the top spot. The Denver Broncos, led by Peyton Manning have proved themselves to be serious contenders throughout the first two weeks of the NFL season.

As the season continue it will be interesting to see which teams consistently duel it out for the top spot. With tight competition in the league this year it will certainly be a fun thing to keep up with, however, for right now, here are my Power Rankings headed into week three of the NFL season.

Number 1: Seattle Seahawks (2-0) – Last Week 3 

When playing at home, there is no other team that can compete with Seattle. Their defense is also one of the best squads in the NFL in quite some time.

Number 2: Denver Broncos (2-0) – Last Week 2

After yet another dominating performance in week 2, the Broncos are continuing to show everyone just how powerful their offense is. Once they get back Von Miller this team could be unstoppable in the AFC.

Number 3: San Francisco 49’ers (1-1) – Last Week 1

Despite getting blown out by Seattle, San Francisco is still one of the best teams in the league. Teams still have a tremendous amount of respect for their defense and Colin Kaepernick can go off any day of the week.

Number 4: Houston Texans (2-0) – Last Week 4

Even though they were tested two weeks in a row, the Texans were able to overcome their opponent. Comeback victories two weeks in a row really says something about the mental fortitude that this team possesses.

Number 5: Chicago Bears (2-0) – Last Week 7

I have the Bears higher on my list than most people do. Much like the Texans, this team has been on the verge of defeat two weeks in a row and yet they somehow found a way to win.

Number 6: New Orleans Saints (2-0) – Last Week 8

This defense is fifty times better than it was last season. Despite being 2-0, Drew Brees has to find a way to cut down the interceptions, 3 of them in two games in uncharacteristic of him.

Number 7: Atlanta Falcons (1-1) – Last Week 6

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones carved up the Rams secondary last week; however, the injury bug is hitting them early on in the season. Facing a good Miami team on the road might be a bit of a challenge for the Falcons this week.

Number 8:  New England Patriots (2-0) – Last Week 5

Despite back to back wins, the Patriots fall three spots in this weeks rankings. I am not convinced enough that this offense will be okay. Brady really needs Gronk back.

Number 9: Green Bay Packers (1-1) – Last Week 9

This Packers offense looks better than it has in a long time. That’s a real scary thought.

Number 10: Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) – Last Week 10 

The Bengals defense looked phenomenal against Pittsburgh on Monday night. But now they have to try and stop Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense.. GOOD LUCK!

Number 11: Miami Dolphins (2-0) – Last Week 15

The Dolphins are off to a hot start to the season with back to back road wins. Maybe there is a little bit of a power shift in the AFC East.

Number 12: Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) – Last Week 20

Andy Reid has this Chiefs team headed in the right direction. They could easily contend against Miami, New England or Indianapolis for one of the two wildcard spots.

Number 13: Indianapolis Colts (1-1) – Last Week 13

Luck wasn’t ‘lucky’ enough against the Dolphins this year and now they have to travel to San Francisco to take on an angry 49’ers squad.

Number 14: Baltimore Ravens (1-1) – Last Week 12

Baltimore fans should really be concerned about this team. After a blow-out loss in the opener and a poor showing against Cleveland, Baltimore is clearly not the same team as they were last year and with Ray Rice now battling a hip injury, this team could be in some serious trouble.

Number 15: Dallas Cowboys (1-1) – Last Week 14

Wow this Cowboys offense did not look good last week against Kansas City. They ran the ball a mere 16 times and everyone on that side of the ball looked confused.

Number 16: San Diego Chargers (1-1) – Last Week 30

Okay, so last week I had the Chargers towards the bottom of the rankings; however, their close loss to the Texans and their win over Philadelphia has really convinced me that this team isn’t as bad as I thought they were. This team will go as far as Philip Rivers will take them and so far he has been an absolute beast this season.

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