Sep 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD

Week Two Reactions-Browns Trade RB Trent Richardson to Colts

As the Browns pulled off one of the most unexpected trades in NFL history, many Cleveland fans are yet again crying foul as both their supposed Franchise QB and RB won’t be playing for the Browns in week three, although the difference between Weeden and Richardson is Richardson won’t be playing for Cleveland at all this season. As the trade of Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a future first round pick was finalized late Wednesday, Sports fans everywhere were shocked and stunned to see the Browns give up their #1 back and enter yet another rebuilding phase.

In his rookie season, Richardson ran for 950 yards and 3rd-ranked 11 touchdowns even with multiple injuries. Seeing him leave this offense will be pretty devastating to this offense that has only former WKU star Bobby Rainey. Hopefully Rainey and backup QB Brian Hoyer will be able to lead the Browns, a team with one of the most underrated defenses in football, to their first winning season since 2007. The Browns do have the receiving talent in TE Jordan Cameron, Greg Little and WR Josh Gordon, but I’m not so sure about QB Brian Hoyer. After playing 2 games with the Cardinals last season, Hoyer was released and then signed by the Browns over the off-season. Like all situations, anything can happen, so I’m not counting Hoyer out right now, but in the long run Weeden should be the starter in Cleveland.

Now to say that Indianapolis didn’t deserve this trade would be ludicrous, however Ahmad Bradshaw and Donald Brown are pretty adequate backs. But in the long term, Richardson should be a great addition to Indianapolis with his smash mouth, physical style of running.

Look for Richardson to make his mark as the starter for Indy against a San Francisco defense that has allowed 3 rushing touchdowns over the first two weeks.

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  • Cgoodness13

    Wow….a number 3 draft pick traded most likely for around number 18….that’s usually a pass rusher around that pick…..I blame norv for not using Trent right

  • Thomas87

    NORV NORV NORV … I bet he had something to do with the trade… Felt like Trent was there best player and they trade him ? Lol OK browns

  • elee62652

    wanna know how
    this makes me feel??? I feel sick. sick to my stomach. i’ve been a
    browns fan all my life, and i’m 61. i love the game of football. i
    believe in rooting for the home team no matter how good or how bad they
    are. i have friends and relatives who root for other teams. they either
    feel sorry for me or laugh at the ineptitude of the team i love. i have
    gone thru the good years of the browns, namely the cardiac kids,
    remember them? that’s when you could have pride in them. then our team
    was knee-jerked away from us and taken to baltimore. there they have won
    a couple of super bowls. i still held my head high, because after a few
    years we had a team again. thru all the regime changes, all the
    miserable seasons, i still believed the next regime would bring about a
    winner. i believed in the different ownerships. and i truly truly
    believed that haslem, banner, chud & turner were finally finally
    going to be the winning combination. now this. why the best option for
    offense on our team??? he may be mediocre, but now we will never know if
    he would have worked out for us. i believe he will be a star in indy.
    the combo of rich and luck will give browns fans nightmares for the next
    8-10 years.

    today, i’m still a fan. but here’s fair warning to the ownership of
    the cleveland browns, the team i have loved for 61 years… “With this
    a$$inine move, you had best produce a winning team

    i mean who’s next, Joe Thomas???

    hey, i bet you could get ANOTHER first round pick for him!!!

    PRODUCE NOW!!! or i’m done…

    • Thomas87

      I feel you man.. Can’t say I’m a browns fan but I can say I’ve dealt with poor management for awhile…(chargers) with all ur picks you have in the draft I see it hard to not get 2 superstars there is alot of talent in the draft this year.. Like I said before I thought Trent was there best player but it looks as If they have another back in mind… Good luck