Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

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Yet again, the Seattle Seahawks come in first place in my weekly Power Rankings. After a dominating performance on both sides of the ball on Sunday, they continue to show why they are the best team in the National Football League.

Not far behind are the Denver Broncos. For three straight weeks their offense has been on an absolute tear. Even at 37 years old, Peyton Manning is playing the best football of his life and is on pace to set multiple records.

It’s not just the Seahawks and Broncos that are taking the league by storm. The Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs have been surprised just about everyone. Both of these teams have 3-0 records and have done so in impressive fashion.

The Dolphins defeated the Colts in Indianapolis and then had a comeback win against the Falcons, a team that was one win away from the Super Bowl last year. The Chiefs on the other hand have had impressive wins against both the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles.

It’s tough to tell how long these two teams will remain unbeaten. The Dolphins have a tough test this week as they are set to travel to New Orleans on Monday Night, while the Chiefs are set to face the struggling New York Giants.

Just like the first three weeks, expect some crazy games and upsets this week and some upsets. If you couldn’t tell by now, it’s not the easy thing to predict NFL football this season.

Number 1: Seattle Seahawks (3-0) – Last Week 1

After yet another dominating performance, the Seahawks sit atop of the Power Rankings. The Seahawks will have some challenges to face as they have to play back-to-back road games in Houston and Indianapolis.

Number 2: Denver Broncos (3-0) – Last Week 2

Peyton Manning continues to have this Bronco offense in sync. The Broncos offense should continue their record season as they are facing one of the worst defenses in the league; the Eagles.

Number 3: Chicago Bears (3-0) – Last Week 5

I had Chicago higher than most did last week. This offense continues to shine and with their impressive defense, the Bears are easily one of the most balanced teams in the NFL.

Number 4: New Orleans Saints (3-0) – Last Week 6

The Saints defense has been much improved to start off the season. If they can continue playing at the level they have been, the Saints can easily be the favorite in the NFC.

Number 5: New England Patriots (3-0) – Last Week 8

The Patriots offense looked much better last week, which is perfect timing as they are set to play the Falcons. They also have the best defense they have had in a few years. They’ll be just fine.

Number 6: Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) – Last Week 10

After an impressive comeback win against the Packers, the Bengals solidified themselves as true contenders in the AFC.

Number 7:  Miami Dolphins (3-0) – Last Week 11

The surprise Dolphins have been the talk of the league this week after a comeback win against the Falcons at home. Ryan Tannehill is turning into a big time quarterback, something the Dolphins have lacked since they lost you know who.

Number 8: Indianapolis Colts  (2-1) – Last Week 13

The addition of Trent Richardson and the resurgence of Ahmad Bradshaw is surely going to help this team. After a huge win in San Francisco, the Colts look to get their first division win of the year, as they take on the Jaguars.

Number 9: Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) – Last Week 12

I don’t have the Chiefs  as high as some other people. They’re a really good football team, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think their defense is going to continue to play at such a high level throughout the season.

Number 10: Houston Texans (2-1) – Last Week 4

Andre Johnson just can’t seem to stay healthy this season and Arian Foster has yet to have a breakout game. The Colts will definitely challenge Houston for the division again this year.

Number 11: Green Bay Packers (1-2)  – Last Week 9

Even though Rodgers covers up a lot of flaws on this team, he can’t cover up bad coaching and fumbles from the position players. They’re on a bye this week, which should give them some time to get their head’s straight.

Number 12: Baltimore Ravens (2-1) – Last Week 14

After starting off the season a little slow, the Ravens had a huge victory beating the Texans. And after getting torched by Peyton Manning in the opener, this defense has not allowed a touchdown pass in the past two weeks.

Number 13: Atlanta Falcons (1-2) – Last Week 7

After falling to 1-2, this weeks game against the Patriots is going to be huge in deciding how Atlanta will finish off the season. Even though they have injuries, they can’t fall back in the division against the Saints.

Number 14:  San Francisco 49’ers (1-2) – Last Week 3

This has to be the most disappointing team so far this season.  Kaepernick has been anything but impressive. He is still young and this team still has the pieces to make a comeback run.

Number 15: Dallas Cowboys (2-1) – Last Week 15

DeMarco Murray was an absolute beast against the Rams. This defense has also been quite impressive so far. They are definitely the front runners to win a real weak NFC East.

Number 16: Detroit Lions (2-1) – Last Week 20

Matthew Stafford is off to one heck of a start this season. This week’s match-up against the Bears is going to be a huge game.

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