Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) looks for a receiver as he is pressured in the second quarter of their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck can be the greatest ever, according to Doug Baldwin

Indianapolis Colts star QB Andrew Luck and Seattle Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin starred together in college with the Stanford Cardinal, and Baldwin said that he believes Luck can be the greatest quarterback of all-time. In fact, Baldwin stated that he is “on the record” stating that (“on the record” pretty much goes without saying in this case, but it was a nice point of emphasis).

Here’s the exact quote from ESPN NFL Nation’s Terry Blount, “I’m on the record as saying Andrew Luck can be the greatest quarterback who ever played the game of football. I’ve seen him do some unbelievable things that I still can’t believe a quarterback was able to do. I have tremendous respect for that guy.”

“I don’t like to compare guys. But when I look at Andrew’s rookie season, he took control of a team that really didn’t have much around him and he took them to the playoffs. They didn’t have a defense and didn’t have a running game, but they made it to the playoffs. He had a whole bunch of fourth-quarter comeback victories.”

Andrew Luck sent some praise back in Baldwin’s direction,”I always admired Doug’s work ethic and his football smarts. I remember Doug’s last year at Stanford really developing a good rapport with him.”

Although it is always hyperbolic and rather vague when somebody states that a second-year QB has a chance to be the “GOAT”, this statement is more than just a player pumping up a former college teammate. It is short-sighted to simply state that a player can never be the GOAT, just as it is short-sighted to suddenly loft those expectations. Of all the young quarterbacks in this league (Aaron Rodgers does not count as “young”, by the way), Andrew Luck has the best chance of being the GOAT. While that is unlikely, it is possible, and he did have incredible grades coming out of college and has done nothing but impress at the NFL. It’s highly unlikely (I mean, the odds of being the greatest at something are astronomical to begin with), but it’s also very possible, especially given Luck’s ability. I mean, look at the immediate effect that this guy had on the Colts franchise; it’s crazy.

By the way, that second paragraph quote from Doug Baldwin is an incredibly accurate one that showcases just how much Andrew Luck impacted the Colts last year.

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