Indianapolis Colts running back Trent Richardson (34) runs past Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Roy Miller (97) in the second quarter of their game at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Trent Richardson's low YPC does not concern Chuck Pagano

Fantasy owners of Indianapolis Colts RB Trent Richardson are happy with Richardson’s workload, but they can’t be too pleased about his low yards per carry average since being traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Colts. The feeling was that Richardson would do better on the Colts, because defenses would not be able to sell the run as much against Richardson due to a major passing game upgrade (Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne etc.). However, many Colts fans knew to tamper their early expectations of the incoming RB, since Richardson would need time to acclimate to his new team and offensive line.

Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was asked if he was concerned about Richardson’s low yards per carry average thus far in Indy, and Pagano replied that he isn’t concerned. Via the Indianapolis Star’s Stephen Holder, “I’m not concerned because it’s early still and (he’s) getting acclimated to the system, to the calls, to his surroundings, to the people up front, getting used to the blocking, those type of things. He’s a shoelace here and there of breaking some really big runs, which obviously will change those numbers. The big thing for him, and for all of us, is just stay patient. We played a good front seven last week, Jacksonville’s really good up front. They got good linebackers that can run. He was a hair away on a couple runs in his first ball game at San Fran, and the second one there where he could’ve ripped off a 20 or 30-yard run in a heartbeat, which obviously would change that average. He just needs to stay patient, we need to stay patient and the yards will come.”

“A shoelace here and there?” Pagano brought up a specific example of one such play, and I believe Trent Richardson has looked more timid as a rusher behind his new blockers. That said, he will definitely have to improve on his meager 2.9 YPC since the trade, and his inability to do much against the Jacksonville Jaguars last week is concerning. With a full workload of 20 carries, Richardson only managed to run for 60 yards. He’s lucky that Ahmad Bradshaw’s neck injury is a bit more serious than initially thought, because I don’t think he would deserve to get a full workload with Bradshaw healthy at this point. Richardson will get better, but any worried Colts fans have a right to be worried. Why? Well, they did trade a first-round pick for him.

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