[Photo] NFL Pro Bowl Uniforms Unveiled


The NFL has released the new look of the NFL Pro Bowl uniforms for the coming season. The red and blue colors that we are used to are gone and the league is going with a “vibrant orange” and “volt” colors. Maybe that will get some people to start watching the games? Likely not!

The league is already trying some new thing with the rosters, where there is going to be a fantasy-type draft between a couple of a captains and now they have this new looks. The league is trying to make things fresh and new and trying to generate any interest they can from this game.

Will people watch it? Likely not. There might be a little spike for some people that want to watch their players in the game, but the selection of the teams will be the most interesting part of the Pro Bowl, per usual. We just want to know who will be in the Pro Bowl and we could care less who wins the game. They could all sit around a television and play some Madden for all I care. Just let them have a skills competition or something.

Anyway, what do you think of the new look?

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