Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush (21) warms up prior to the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Bush says Hard Knocks is good for the game

Back when he played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions RB Reggie Bush was been followed around by cameras on the HBO’s Hard Knocks show in training camp. Although Bush stated that he and his teammates “dealt with it” and had to “hold back” on comments etc., he did state that the show is good for football as a whole. The publicity generated from Hard Knocks is something that teams don’t like, but fans and the NFL itself certainly love it. In fact, the NFL is so enamored with the popularity of Hard Knocks that the NFL will reportedly force a team to be a part of the show each year.

It is entirely possible that the Detroit Lions could be that team in the near future, as the stigma of the Lions as an undisciplined football team has led many fans to clamor for the Lions to be featured on Hard Knocks. According to, Lions WR Nate Burleson is a fan of Hard Knocks, “There’s a lot of characters (in this locker room) and it would bring a great amount of attention, not only to this team, but to this city. There are a lot of misconceptions about Detroit, especially now. It would shine a light on a lot of great areas and great things about Michigan.”

That’s a great quote right there, because it goes back to the fact that people want to see Hard Knocks focus in on the Lions due to the, as Burleson terms it, “misconceptions about Detroit” and the Lions organization itself.

Here’s Reggie Bush on how it is good for the game and the fans despite a few personal reservations from the Lions starting RB, “It’s good for the fans because they get an inside sneak peek of just what really goes on, and how much preparation it takes and how much of a daily grind it is to be in this sport. I think it’s good for the fans, I think it’s good for the sport. It’s only going to make it that much bigger and give fans a chance to just see what goes on. And like I said, when we did it, we just kind of dealt with it. Nobody really was excited that we were on ‘Hard Knocks.”

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