Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt (18) is introduced before a game against the Atlanta Falcons at LP Field. The Titans beat the Falcons 27-16. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Kenny Britt Trade Rumors: Tennessee Titans looking for a 3rd, not going to get it

Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt has undeniable talent, but he is easily one of the most frustrating players in the league. Part of that has to do with his incredible talent, because Britt has so many off-the-field issues and sometimes doesn’t seem to be giving it his all. Britt is one of the most inconsistent receivers in the game, and injuries have certainly played a role in that too. Britt’s upside is tantalizing, but his lack of recent production shows just how big of a downside he also brings to the table.

Sources tell CBS Sports’s Jason La Canfora that the Tennessee Titans are looking for a third-round pick in a trade for Kenny Britt, and they have been in trade talks with “several” teams. La Canfora reports that these teams have, predictably, balked at the inflated asking price, as they believe Britt is worth something closer to a fifth-round pick due to all of his issues. He is clearly in the Titans doghouse, and the best thing is for both sides to move on. However, the Titans need to find a willing trade partner, which could be hard to do since Britt has just one year left. At least it’s a cheap year, because the 25-year-old Rutgers product is still on his rookie deal.

Kenny Britt is fully expected to be traded before the deadline, and La Canfora reports that teams will wait it out until the Tennessee Titans drop their bloated asking price. Britt has caught just six passes for 52 yards this season, and he’s actually never caught 50 passes in a season despite his talent. There is very little doubt in my mind that Britt will be dealt,  but a fifth round pick is probably the highest thing the Titans are going to get. I’d still take it if I were them, since Britt clearly doesn’t want to play for the Titans, has fallen out of favor with the Titans, and he has just one year left on his deal anyway. Hopefully, a change of scenery helps Britt, and the guy really needs to get his head on straight; it’s a shame seeing his talents wasted due to injuries and, more importantly, consistency issues on his end.

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