Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) throws a pass against the New York Giants during the first half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Michael Vick won’t start until fully healthy, Nick Foles taking first-team reps

The Philadelphia Eagles could once again have a quarterback controversy on their hands between Michael Vick and Nick Foles, as Foles lit up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers secondary this past week. He probably benefited from playing a dysfunctional team, but Foles certainly played well enough to garner at least some consideration for the starting gig. While I still think Vick is the better quarterback and deserves to hold onto this job, the Eagles could pull a shrewd move here and should start Foles this week against the Dallas Cowboys.

Look, the Eagles aren’t going to go anywhere this year, especially with their utter lack of competence in the secondary. This is a team that needs to see what they have at the quarterback position, and that’s going to be best achieved by closely evaluating both Nick Foles and Matt Barkley, who is definitely one to watch in the future. The Eagles already know what they have in Vick, and the most important thing is the fact that Vick is a 33-year-old who has just one year left on his deal.

Even though Chip Kelly would probably prefer to start Vick since he fits Kelly’s desired system better, the Eagles can’t just give up on the chance of Foles being “the guy”. While it isn’t likely based on watching his tape last season, it is entirely possible that he has made strides between now and then. Then again, there is a reason why he lost the starting gig to Vick.

Still, the biggest reason why the Eagles should start Foles over Vick this week is the fact that Vick suffered a hamstring injury in Week 5 against the New York Giants. As stated before by Kelly and Vick, health is of paramount importance at this stage, and Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur told reporters today that Michael Vick will not play until he is fully healthy. That’s a good policy, especially since it diplomatically gives the Eagle an “out” to start Foles. They can just say, “Oh, well Vick isn’t 100% and we don’t want to rush him,” as a justification for starting Foles.

Foles will take first-team reps until Vick is deemed fully healthy, and then the Eagles will make the call on who to start. That decision, of course, is up to Chip Kelly.

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  • Glennjo

    Good column except when you say The Eagles aren’t going anywhere this season. While they most likely won’t win the Super Bowl this year you never know, they are in first place albeit in a weak division but anyone who has watched the NFL knows that every team that makes the playoffs has a chance to win. This is evidenced by the 9-7 Giants beating the undefeated Patriots. It’s not like baseball or basketball where the best team usually wins a 7 game series. Any NFL team can beat any other NFL team on any given day. As someone who writes about the NFL you should know better than to make a statement like that about any team let alone one that will most likely be playing in the postseason. Chip Kelly has one goal right now and that’s to win as many games as possible NOW. I personally think Vick gives you the best chance to do that but Foles looked pretty damn good on Sunday so as long as they win I’ll ride with whoever the QB is. There are no more rebuilding years in the NFL, those days are over.

    • Joe Soriano

      Yeah, I think I should have avoided making that kind of a blanket statement. My point was simply that the Eagles should be looking towards the future a little bit by seeing what they have in Foles, with the main point being that Vick is old and has just 1 yr left on his deal. Vick gives the Eagles a better chance at winning now (agreed on that point), but I also think that Foles earned a second look with the way he played. I think both of us agree on that, and I think Chip has done an exceptional job thus far. You’re right, this team is 3-3, and I shouldn’t have implied that they should blow it up.

      • Glennjo

        Thanks for the quick reply, I think we pretty much agree about this team I just keep hearing that they’re not going anywhere this year as if it’s matter of fact when we’ve all seen teams we thought were no good make deep runs in the playoffs. In any other sport I think it’s easier to make that kind of prediction, for instance I think we can safely say that the Sixers are not going anywhere this year. Again, thanks for the reply and keep up the good work.

        • Joe Soriano

          No problem, I always try to reply to comments, especially well-thought out ones. It’s also difficult to come by praise when writing online, so that’s a ton for that; I truly appreciate it.

          I juts look at the Eagles secondary, and I’m really worried about the group they have back there. I liked Earl Wolff coming out of N.C. State and had him as a sleeper, but he hasn’t looked anywhere near “polished” yet. He’s been terrible, and I haven’t seen much out of Nate Allen ever since those flashes as a rookie. It’s telling that Patrick Chung is a key to this team, and it’s even more telling that they have to play him out of his natural in-the-box role and move him to safety. Quite frankly, he is definitely not a good player in coverage.

          Maybe I’m putting too much weight into one unit, but I see an Eagles team that has promise but is a year or two away from gathering the pieces they need. That said, Chip looks awesome, Shady looks awesome, and there are a few other guys who have been real nice bright spots (like D-Jax).

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