Week 7: NFL Power Rankings

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Number 17:  Cleveland Browns (3-3) – Last Week 16

The Browns three game win streak was snapped this past Sunday against the Lions. It’s not going to get easier for them as their next three opponents are Green Bay, Kansas City and Baltimore.

Number 18: Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) – Last Week 24

The Eagles are sitting atop of the division tied with the Dallas Cowboys. They’re on a two game win streak and are set to face the Cowboys this weekend where the winner will have the outright lead in the NFC East.

Number 19: Arizona Cardinals (3-3) – Last Week 17

The Cardinals played fairly well against the 49’ers this past weekend; however, they were unable to play with the Niners in the fourth quarter. The Cards are still a quality team.

Number 20: New York Jets (3-3) – Last Week 18

Back to the struggles for Geno Smith. He was unable to duplicate his 147.7 rating against the Falcons, positing a dismal 48.8 rating against the Steelers.

Number 21: Atlanta Falcons (1-4) – Last Week 20

With the bye week for Atlanta, they were given an excellent opportunity to get healthy. However, it didnt and they lost Julio Jones for the season.

Number 22: St. Louis Rams (3-3) – Last Week 25

Last week I said I wanted to see the Rams defeat a big time team such as the Texans. The Rams are 3-3 and are playing pretty good football. A win this week against the Panthers will put them in my top 20.

Number 23: Oakland Raiders (2-4) – Last Week 22

A ten sack performance is definitely not something any team wants. But this team is still playing better than everyone expected. They have a bye this week, but will look to get right back to their early season success against the one win Steelers.

Number 24: Houston Texans (2-4) – Last Week 19

There is seriously something wrong in Houston. They need a quarterback more than anything. Schuab has obviously not been playing well and now to the delight of many, he is hurt. T.J. Yates also has also played poor this year. In his defense he does not get a lot of work in with the 1’s. This team needs the bye week to come sooner rather than later.

Number 25: Buffalo Bills (2-4) – Last Week 23

Even with Thad Lewis at the helm, the Bills still gave the Cincinnati Bengals a run for their money. Unfortunately for them, Lewis also got hurt, spraining his foot. Due to the amount of injuries at the quarterback position, the Bills have brought in recent journeyman, Matt Flynn for a workout, which ended in him signing a minimum contract.

Number 26: Carolina Panthers (2-3) – Last Week 28

This is what the Panthers should normally look like. Newton played like an absolute beast, scoring four total touchdowns. The Panthers are in second place in the NFC South.

Number 27: Pittsburgh Steelers (1-4) – Last Week 29

The Steelers finally earned their first win of the season against the New York Jets. There is still a lot of work to be done; however, this team has the talent and the leadership to turn it around.

Number 28: Washington Redskins (1-4) – Last Week 26

For the first time this year, RGIII looked like himself when it came to running the ball. It was his passing game that left a lot to be desired this week as he completed less than half of his passes.

Number 29: Minnesota Vikings (1-4) – Last Week 27

Matt Cassel did absolutely nothing this past week; however, head coach Leslie Frazier said he is unsure if Freeman would be ready for week 7. The defense also looked horrible against Cam Newton.

Number 30: New York Giants (0-6) – Last Week 30

The Giants are still winless and are one step closer to matching their worst start in franchise history, which is 0-9. Their best shot at getting a win is this week as they face the struggling Minnesota Vikings.

Number 31: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-5) – Last Week 31

The Bucs are still winless. Glennon has not stepped up since taking over Freeman’s spot. They will be competing for the first pick in the draft next year.

Number 32: Jacksonville Jaguars (0-6) – Last Week 32

The Jaguars, to the surprise of many were able to actually compete with the Broncos for a bit. Despite the loss, fans should be encouraged by Justin Blackman. Two straight monster games? Him and Bridgewater better become friends real fast.



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