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Should Minnesota trade Adrian Peterson?

The 2013 NFL trade deadline, October 29th, is quickly approaching. Which means it’s the time of year that trade rumors and possibilities are thrown around. Some are logical and some are not. One big name that is being thrown around is Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson. Ya know, the guy that came within in 9-yards of breaking the NFL single-season rushing record last season.

At first glance the possibility of a trade seems, to put it lightly, insane. But if you really examine the situation that the Vikings are in, it’s really not that crazy of an idea. The Vikings find themselves in a tough, pass-happy NFC North with the Lions, Bears, and Packers. To broaden things a bit more, they find themselves in a pass-happy NFL.

I understand that A.P. is undoubtedly the best running back in the game today, but can a franchise truly expect him to carry them to the Super Bowl? I don’t think so. Not when you have passers going over 4,500 yards on a regular basis. That’s not a knock to Peterson’s abilities, though. It’s just a fact. The NFL is no longer a ground and pound league. Don’t get me wrong, run-heavy teams can be successful, but they need a capable quarterback that can throw the ball in play-action situations and convert on big third down plays. I say capable because the person doesn’t even have to be great or elite. He just needs to be capable.

Until the Vikings can get steady play from their QB, whoever it may be, they will continue to struggle. Christian Ponder isn’t the answer, nor is Matt Cassel. Is Josh Freeman the answer? I don’t think so. He had solid play-makers in Tampa Bay and, besides his 2010 campaign, still struggled. He simply throws too many interceptions. If the Minnesota quarterbacks continue to perform below-average, then opposing defenses will continue to stack the box against the Vikings to stop their run game. At this point, it has become evident that the Vikings are all but out of the playoff race in the NFC North. Should they cut their losses and move Peterson while he still has relatively high trade value? I think so.

It’s well-known that running backs often see their abilities drop off quicker than others do. Peterson, 28, is nearing the age of 30. Thirty is the age that running backs typically start to see a dip in their production. That means A.P. should have at least 2 or 3 good years left in the tank; 2 or 3 good years that would be better suited on a team with a legitimate chance at a Super Bowl. If Peterson ever gets the chance to win a ring again, it won’t be in a Vikings uniform.

This is the type of trade that would benefit everyone involved. The Vikings would get a high draft pick, maybe even two, to help construct a contender for the future. Peterson’s new team would obtain an absolute stud in the backfield. And, most importantly, Peterson would get a real chance at winning the Super Bowl. The only remaining question is, where would A.D. end up?


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  • Daniel Laxen

    What a douche bag question!…Should you plow your mom?

    • Andrew Long

      This nearly identical offense that almost went to the Super Bowl in ’09 had Brett Favre, Sidney Rice, Visanthe Shiancoe, and Percy Harvin. Brett Favre is one of best to ever play the position. Sidney Rice had his best season as professional, same goes for Shiancoe. I do agree with you that MJD is more likely to be traded than Peterson, though. But, at the end of the day, this is just my opinion!

      • Daniel Laxen

        Yeah, I understand it’s your opinion. It’s not like it’s a new opinion either. Viking fans have heard this since Favre retired. What many don’t seem to grasp is that Favre often times would just throw the ball up for grabs to Rice. He did the same thing in Green Bay. What Favre gave the Vikings more than anything else was balance in the offense. A fact that freeman could well do if he gets with 1 of these 3 receivers, Jennings, Simpson, or Patterson. Shaincoe was open because of the other options garnered the bulk of the coverage. That could have been ANY TE…

        Nobody is leaping at MJD as of right now either. Jacksonville would trade ANYBODY on the roster, because the cupboard is bare. Not so with the Vikings. As we have all seen this year with the Chiefs. A talented underachieving team can make huge strides in 1 off season. Then again the team that gets hot at the right time has been winning the Vince Lombardi trophy the last few years!

    • Bob E.

      Great point… a contenders draft pick is high 20′s if lucky. not worth it by a long shot.

  • Mike Bridges

    2 words….HELL NO!

  • Brant Van Dyke

    First of all, this will never, ever happen, even if the team feels it is the best move for the franchise, because like Jared Allen said, the entire state of Minnesota would revolt. Second of all, you say “the vikings would get a high draft pick, maybe two”. The only way that Peterson gets traded is if it’s more like three high draft picks plus some other lower round picks. You don’t trade a player who could ultimately become the best RB to ever play the game for one high draft pick. Heck, Percy Harvin got traded for more than that, and he’s not even nearly the best at his position. Third, Peterson may start slowing down by 30, but he’s still going to be a top 5 RB even then. This is Peterson we are talking about, a guy that has exceeded virtually any and every expectation about him. Fourth, if you can name a contending team that has the cap to take on Peterson without giving back players, I’d like to see it.

    • Daniel Laxen

      The 4th point is never even considered. Thanks for your addition of it!

  • Badluck1010

    You nuts two years out side
    We need him and they better sign toby g to
    Spend everything on the defensive side of the ball for next two years sign Allen and let Peterson and alen retire Vikings and be proud of loyalty