L.A. or London? Why Not Both?

As commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell obviously want’s the league to expand as much as possible. Apparently the 32 teams in the league is not enough. Goodell want’s another team in Los Angeles and a team in London on a permanent basis. He has no preference in which one comes first.

While speaking at a forum for fans of the NFL in London, a day before the 49’ers play the Jaguars in London, Roger Goodell was asked about a return to Los Angeles and how it stacks up against having a team in London.

His response? “I want both, but it doesn’t matter which one is first.” “I’d love to be back in Los Angeles,” Goodell said. “But it has to be done the right way, we have to do it successfully.”

The last time the NFL had a franchise in Los Angeles was back in 1995, before both the Rams and the Raiders relocated. Los Angeles is a huge sports market, so I think it is just a matter of time before the NFL returns.

Meanwhile, a franchise in London would be huge. If the NFL does put a team in London, it would be the first and the only professional sports in league in America to have a team in Europe.

There has also been some talk generated around the possibility of having a Super Bowl played in London. As long as there is not a franchise in London, the chances of a Super Bowl being held there is unlikely. This is due to the fact that the Super Bowl is held annually in cities that have NFL teams.

A franchise in London would most likely be a tremendous success. The two games that are being played in London this year have been insanely successful with both of the games selling out. The NFL will be playing three games across the pond next season.

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