Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (81) walks off the field after defeating the Dallas Cowboys 31-30 at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Calvin Johnson gets NFL Spin Zone Player of the Week

Detroit Lions superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson is a living legend, and he just continues to perform incredible feats. Just when some of us thought that he wouldn’t be able to replicate last week’s monster performance over the Cincinnati Bengals (we all remember that catch in triple coverage), he goes ahead and tops his performance this past week in an incredibly memorable win over the Dallas Cowboys. Brandon Carr was supposed to be able to somewhat contain Johnson, but Carr’s attempts to stop Johnson were futile. The Cowboys were simply dominated by an elite player, and it is one of the most thorough dominations we have ever seen from a wide receiver in NFL history.

Calvin Johnson, who actually won our Player of the Week award last week as well, had a mind-blowing 329 receiving yards on just 16 targets. He caught 14 of those 16 targets, which means that Johnson averaged an absolutely insane 20.6 yards per target. 20.6. That’s unbelievable, and it means that Matthew Stafford averaged 20.6 yards per pass play whenever he threw it to Calvin Johnson.

Megatron continues to shatter all superlatives, and it becomes increasingly difficult to describe his ability. It’s just mystifying, but it’s also quite common for a future Hall of Fame player like Johnson. He continues to defy reasonable projections, and all we can do is expect the amazing whenever Johnson takes the field. It’s important to just sit back and enjoy the show, then give him every plaudit possible following the game. Even when he isn’t putting up insane numbers, he’s busy opening things up big-time for the rest of the Lions players. Johnson was beyond magnificent on Sunday, as he caught just about everything in sight and made big play after big play.

Honestly, he played so well that I didn’t even bother considering anyone else for our Player of the Week award for Week 8; he was just that good.

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