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Week 9: NFL Power Rankings

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Number 17: Chicago Bears (4-3) – Last Week 12

Even with a bye week, I dropped the Bears five spots. This team has some major injury problems with Cutler and Briggs being out. They have an insanely tough schedule ahead of them and with injuries at key spots, I don’t like their chances of being successful.

Number 18:  New York Jets (4-4) – Last Week 14

Growing pains for Geno Smith and the Jets. One week they’re good, the next they’re not. Despite their inconsistencies, the Jets are .500.

Number 19:  Miami Dolphins (3-4) – Last Week 17

Ugh.. Again, I don’t want to talk about. Severely disappointed.

Number 20: Oakland Raiders (3-4) – Last Week 24

The Raiders are one of the many surprise teams in the NFL this season. Pryor has been a stud for this team and is putting them in a great position week in and week out. His 93 yard touchdown run was the longest run by a QB in NFL history.

Number 21:  Buffalo Bills (3-5) – Last Week 21

Tough weekend for the Bills. They were completely demolished by the Saints.

Number 22: Atlanta Falcons (2-5) – Last Week 18

The injury bug really hit the Falcons hard this season. Between White, Jackson and Jones, Matt Ryan has not had consistent weapons around him to help him out. A loss to the Cardinals this past weekend really marked the end of the season for the Falcons in my opinion. This team is good and with a high draft pick coming in next season they can find themselves right back in the playoffs.

Number 23: Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) – Last Week 22

The struggle at the quarterback position continues for Philadelphia as Mike Vick re injured his hamstring. Barkley played okay for the injured Vick and might be the starter next week if Foles cannot go.

Number 24: Pittsburgh Steelers (2-5) – Last Week 23

After winning two straight games the Steelers were unable to defeat the up-start Oakland Raiders. Things aren’t looking good for Pittsburgh as they will now have to travel to New England to take on the 6-2 Patriots.

Number 25: Washington Redskins (2-5) – Last Week 25

The Redskins were able to hang around with the Broncos for three quarters on Sunday, however, they completely blew it in the fourth. Not only did they lose, but RGIII was also pulled from the game with a knee injury.

Number 26: New York Giants (2-6) – Last Week 29

Looks like things might just be okay in New  York. After starting off 0-6 the team has come back to win two games. Eli has been able to protect the ball as he hasn’t turned it over the past two games.

Number 27: Cleveland Browns (3-5) – Last Week 26

No one probably ever expected to say this, but the loss of Brian Hoyer has really had a negative impact on this team, however, they were able to almost knock off the undefeated Chiefs on Sunday.

Number 28: Houston Texans (2-5) – Last Week 28

Even with Schuab being healthy, the Texans have stated that they will continue to use Case Keenum as their starting quarterback. Thing’s aren’t going to get easier as they have to take on the first place Indianapolis Colts during a Sunday Night showdown.

Number 29: St. Louis Rams (3-5) – Last Week 27

It’s a shame that the Rams were unable to come out with a victory last night. Their defense played a fantastic game. Just as Jon Gruden said, they need Bradford in the worst of ways.

Number 30: Minnesota Vikings (1-6) – Last Week 30

Another poor performance by the Minnesota Vikings. This team is facing a serious low point in their season. Nothing is going right. Time to clean staff and start over.

Number 31: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7) – Last Week 31

Tampa Bay got smoked Thursday Night by Cam Newton and the Panthers. Not much too be looking forward to in Tampa. Franchise is a mess.

Number 32: Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8) – Last Week 32

The Jaguars still can’t catch a break as they were completed dominated by San Francisco in London. I guess the only positive to take away from this past week was the fact that they had the opportunity to see London.

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