Alfred Morris (46) runs with the ball against Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware (94) at AT

DeMarcus Ware ready to play

Dallas Cowboys superstar pass rusher DeMarcus Ware suffered a quadriceps injury in the team’s Week 6 win over the Washington Redskins, and Ware was initially slapped with a three-week timetable. Comments made by Ware and others made it seem like the three-week timetable was too long, and the uber-tough DE actually worked out before the Week 7 game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Ware was never a realistic bet to play in that game, and the Cowboys finally wised up after the win over the Eagles. Jerry Jones and co. realized that Ware is just too important to risk suffering a setback, and they decided to pump the brakes on his return. Instead of playing into Ware’s determination to get on the field, they decided to play the cautious route.

It was a prudent and intelligent decision made by the Cowboys organization, because Ware is their most important player on defense. If they were to lose Ware for a longer period of time due to mis-managing his injury (it’s a very real risk, just look at the Rob Gronkowski fiasco that unfolded last season), then the playoff-bound Cowboys would be in some major trouble.

He’s most likely fully healthy now, though, because the three-week timetable has come to a pass now. According to ESPN Dallas’s Calvin Watkins, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated that DeMarcus Ware is ready to play in this week’s game against the New Orleans Saints. It’s going to be great to have him back on Sunday night against a tough matchup, and the New York Jets showed that you can beat the Saints by getting consistent pressure on Drew Brees; DeMarcus Ware, George Selvie, and Jason Hatcher can do just that.

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  • SmartThinking

    If Ware plays Sunday evening and is re-injured, then the division title is gone for Dallas. Best case scenario for Dallas, although it’s certainly not optimum, is to let Ware play but spell him often. And I mean often. As much as I’d like to see the Cowboys beat New Orleans, and especially Ryan’s defense, the upcoming New York game means more to this team’s chances for a division crown. If Ware plays lights out, great! Turn him loose on Brees and enjoy the outcome. If Ware isn’t 150 percent, I say hold him out until New York. By then, he ought to be so pent up with frustration that he’ll tear Manning’s head off single-handedly. We need a healthy Ware for the home stretch. There’s still a lot of season left, folks. And those three division game wins are going to be a lot sweeter than giving Ryan what he truly deserves when it means nothing more than an ego stroke for Jerry Jones.

    • Joe Soriano

      Yeah, even though beating the Saints is better for the headlines and certainly looks better on paper, it’s all about those division wins. Beating the Giants should be easy, but, as we saw last night for the Packers against the Bears, you can’t take division games for granted. If Ware is 100% this week, then I don’t see the reason in holding him out against a big game. But the Cowboys should continue to take the cautious, prudent approach, and I don’t expect them to deviate from that either.

      Great comment.

    • 87544

      Ware playing on 3rd downs and certain passing situations would be obvious times but I’d say a 75% return (as in playing 75% of plays than normal) is adequate. With the bye coming up I’m a little more comfortable with him doing that work. Jets showed how the Saints can be beat and a Cowboys victory here could be a turning point out of mediocrity. Also, there’s a little bit a bad blood between the two with good close games in the recent past so a win would be a massive boost to moral. It’s not over if they don’t but a loss mentally puts the team back in the rut that has plagued us for the past 3 years.

      I know every game is important but beating the Saints this week would turn the season around for the Cowboys. A win here would reap more intangible benefits than a division win, IMO.