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Bears Fan Tasers His Packers Fan Wife

I don’t know why I open links like this, but I always find myself doing it and laughing like crazy thinking about how nuts people can be. Here is the story from the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen:

John Grant, a big time Chicago Bears fan was arrested on Tuesday morning for Tasering his wife after the game. I knew that Bears and Packers fans didn’t get along, but these two are married. His wife called the police and told them that John had used a stun gun on her three times and she showed the officers the burn marks on her butt.

Grant told the authorities that the two had a wager on the game and that he would get to Taser her if the Bears were to win the game. After the cops reviewed the text messages between the two, they agreed that she had given him consent to shock the crap out of her. UNBELIEVABLE.

She didn’t think that he would shock her, but she has to own up to her bet… RIGHT?!? As if losing to the Bears wasn’t enough of a heart breaker.

I’m still laughing on this story. Both of the were drunk, but I am sure you all probably thought something like that was going on.

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