Trumaine McBride (38) breaks up a pass in the end zone against Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson (81) during the second half at Metlife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Chris Faytok/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Jerome Simpson arrested for DWI

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson had himself a nice game in Thursday night’s win over the Washington Redskins, but something not-so-nice happened to Simpson this morning. With hat tips to our Vikings site The Viking Age and Twitter user @schazin, Simpson was arrested at 5:39 this morning for DWI on probable cause. ESPN 1500′s Darren Wolfson confirmed the arrest by speaking with a “jail source” after first looking at the link provided above. Simpson’s most famous off-field incident came in 2011 when he was arrested for trafficking a substantial amount of marijuana, and he’s made several regrettable decisions in his career. This latest mistake could cause further ramifications, and it will be interesting to see how the Vikings handle this DWI arrest. Little information is available at this point in time, so please keep an eye out for further updates (The Viking Age should have continuous updates). It’s too early to make any snap judgments, but we do know that Jerome Simpson was indeed arrested for DWI this morning. With four receptions for 45 yards on Thursday, Simpson had himself his first good game of the season since Week 4 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. As usual, Simpson had been up-and-down (but mostly down) in his time with the Minnesota Vikings, so he is definitely an expendable player following this latest off-field issue. You can follow Joe Soriano on Twitter for more NFL updates and analysis @SorianoJoe. Be sure to like us on Facebook here and follow our site on Twitter as well.

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  • Daniel Laxen

    He’s been the Vikings most reliable receiver this season…

    • Ramon Lang

      Bye bye Simpson and say hello to Patterson!!

    • Joe Soriano

      Daniel, the sad part is that you are actually right (it’s sad for a multitude of reasons, all of which deal with the Vikings passing woes). He leads the Vikings in receiving yards and yards per target, so he has been the best WR on the Vikes. Rudolph has been the better pass-catcher and Greg Jennings is more talented and has caught a higher percentage of the passes thrown at him, but Simpson’s production has been the best. Even so, I’m lukewarm on his future prospects, and I would think that getting Patterson involved more often would be in the best interest of the team. He’s extremely raw, but his dynamic play makes it worth letting him learn on the job.

      And man, it’s weird to see Simpson leading everyone statistically.

      • Daniel Laxen

        Yeah Joe, I listen to Viking fans all the time saying they have to get Patterson more involved. I agree, but who do you bench? The guy leading the team, or the guy you are paying $14 million a year that isn’t even being looked at by a horrible QB in Christian Ponder…Then there’s Jarius Wright. A guy that appeared ready to be a go to slot receiver…Come to think of it, if I was Simpson I might be drinking heavily too? SMFH…

        From Faux John Madden,
        “Ponder evidently separated his non interception throwing shoulder.” That’s priceless!

        • Joe Soriano

          Don’t tell Sam Ponder you liked that tweet haha, she was so mad about that one.

          As for Jennings, the man can’t shine with Ponder, and Ponder’s biggest problem is the fact that he can’t throw it accurately beyond 15 yards. Franchise QB? No way. You can win with him, but it takes a really good supporting cast, which the Vikings don’t have. He has enough weapons on offense, but that defense is awful. I mean, that secondary is in a sad state of affairs, even when they are healthy.

          Freeman has more of a chance of turning into a franchise QB due to physical tools, but Ponder is the safer bet to be a quarterback who can attach himself to a playoff team, you know? But on those grounds, you have to play the $3 million man to see what he can do. Funny thing is, Freeman is the Buccaneers all-time leader in TD passes (not sure about other stats, just know that one from a trivia game).

          • Daniel Laxen

            He has 80 TDs. I know that because that’s how many he had when the Vikings acquired him. He didn’t get one in his only disastrous start as a Viking…WOW the front office must be a mess these days?

  • Steve Swan

    btw to the author and proofreaders……….the Vikings won this game!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe Soriano

      Arrggghh, you have no idea how mad I am after the error, because I wrote the result correctly in a post on the Redskins earlier today. Ugh, thanks for pointing out the gaffe without insults, appreciate it.