Carson Palmer (3) runs from Seattle Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond (28) during the first half at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Walter Thurmond has huge game coming in for Brandon Browner

The Seattle Seahawks lost starting cornerback Brandon Browner to a groin injury in the second quarter of today’s 33-10 blowout victory over the Atlanta Falcons, but Browner’s injury barely had an effect on the Seahawks. While he is definitely a solid starting cornerback in this league, there’s actually a chance that slot cornerback Walter Thurmond is even better. Hopefully Browner’s injury isn’t serious going forward, but the Seahawks can definitely rest easy knowing that they have somebody as good as Thurmond behind him.

Thurmond came into the game and promptly put forth an incredible performance, with the high point being a forced fumble to seal the game in the Seahawks favor. Several penalties allowed Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense to continue to stay on the field, even if the game was well in-hand at that point at 33-10. But Ryan looked poised to help cut the lead, and he threw a strike to Harry Douglas that looked like a huge play. Douglas was cutting his way to the right sideline when Thurmond made an excellent tackle to force a crucial fumble. Although Douglas needs to shoulder some blame for not holding onto that one, it was just a very alert play and solid tackle from Thurmond, who was also able to recover the fumble on his own while he was still on the ground.

All in all, it was a great day at the office for Walter Thurmond III, as he also had seven total tackles and two tackles for loss. He was making big plays in the running game all day, and he his two tackles for a loss were big plays on Steven Jackson in the third quarter. The first was to stop Jackson for a four-yard loss on the run, and the second was an excellent, aggressive tackle on S-Jax on a poorly-timed screen play called by the Falcons offense.

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  • skeletony

    The great thing about this depth we have is this: If and when the Hawks are taking the podium to accept the Lombardy Trophy and the MVPs are speaking about the win, the Hawks will justifiably be able to say this was the result of a complete team effort. Every team likes to say such things but for the most part the teams who win the Super Bowl only got there and won because their starters were mostly healthy and/or their back up players did not have to do much. For Seattle, every one of our second stringers and some of our third string players have made crucial plays or played ‘lights out’ entire games to keep us atop the NFC.

    • Joe Soriano

      If you look at the teams that are truly elite teams, you’ll see that they have an extreme amount of depth and are able to withstand significant injuries. You may not like the 49ers, Patriots, or Broncos, but they also have a lot of depth. What separates Seattle’s defense from all the defenses in the NFL is their terrific depth, and there are a few teams in this league that Thurmond could be a No. 1 CB on.

      • skeletony

        I actually like the Patriots and the Broncos and do not dislike the 49ers much either beyond the usual divisional rival ribbing. But I think that Thurmond would be a starter on most other NFL teams. I am hard pressed to think of of teams who already have two starters as good or better than Thurmond.

        • Joe Soriano

          Surprisingly, Denver does when Champ is healthy. Harris Jr. is an elite slot corner, DRC seems to be back, and Champ is still solid (tho overrated by those who think he’s their best CB). Sorry for potentially jumping to a conclusion (hey, at least I stuck a “may” in there), but that’s because I’ve had some experience with Seahawks fans attacking me back when I ran a Patriots blog. It seems like I was too much of a homer for not being all doom and gloom.

          Anyway, Thurmond would definitely start on most teams in this league, which is why he’ll be set to make bank this upcoming offseason. Seahawks have some tough decisions coming up, but that’s the small price to pay when you have so much young talent on your roster. I hope they can keep it together, because this is a special team that’s a whole lot of fun to watch.

          • skeletony

            My only small contentions here are that, a) I do not think Champ is an elite CB anymore. He gets beat regularly now and has for the last year or two, even when healthy. Age catches up to everyone sooner or later. And b) While there are a good number of very good CBs in the NFL, I still think Thurmond is a starter on any one of their teams. DRC is decent, if inconsistent but not ‘elite’ by any stretch IMO. There are a ton of CBs who MAY be better than Thurmond (some almost certainly are but I am not getting into the hair splitting thing here) such as Patrick Peterson, Tilman, Antonio Cromartie, John Joseph etc. but I remain convinced that none of these teams have a second CB who is as good as Thurmond. Most teams do not even have a second CB who can match Maxwell or Lane IMO.

            But yes, upcoming contract extensions are going to be an issue for the Hawks. Thankfully because of John Schneider and Carroll’s drafting and scouting talent, we CAN lose a few expensive players and not suffer much, if at all. I mean we had to cut Antione Winfield for crying out loud and he was only trying to be our third or ‘slot’ CB!

          • Joe Soriano

            Totally agree with you on Champ. While I still think he’s solid, he’s clearly lost a step and is no longer a No. 1 corner. DRC is too inconsistent to be elite, good point there, and it isn’t inconceivable to think that Thurmond is better than either of them.

            And YES on the Winfield point haha. Sources in the Seahwaks front office told reporters around the time of Winfield’s release that the play of Thurmond and Lane led to Winfield getting cut. Btw, there aren’t many GMs better than Schneider, who is even better at drafting in later rounds than earlier rounds haha.