Minnesota Vikings receiver Cordarrelle Patterson (84) runs after a reception against Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr (39) at AT

Cordarrelle Patterson could start this week

Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson is definitely a raw receiver, but he’s also an incredibly explosive wideout with plenty of playmaking ability. He’s shown off his game-breaking speed often this season on returns, and he looks poised to receive a nice uptick in playing time in lieu of Jerome Simpson’s arrest last season for a DUI. Simpson has actually been the Vikings most productive pass-catcher this season in terms of yardage, and yet there are still people who believe Patterson needs to receive more playing time over him. In that sense, Simpson’s arrest was one of the best things that could have happened for Patterson as a rookie, because Patterson could even start this week.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Chip Scoggins, Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier has not committed to Simpson as a starter for this week’s tough matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, but Frazier did say yesterday that Simpson will “probably” play. It’s an interesting situation, and Scoggins believes that Patterson “could” be the Vikings starter on Sunday against the Legion of Boom.

I honestly think that we’ll see Patterson start as both some form of discipline on Simpson and a chance to see more of what their talented rookie of Tennessee can do out there. The concerns regarding Patterson’s route-running and consistency are legitimate, but he’s also a physical specimen and somebody who could really benefit from the added game reps. At this point in the season, experimentation and a better idea for the future are the two most important things that the Vikings can do right now. Christian Ponder has a nightmare matchup against the Seahawks secondary, but maybe he’ll surprise us. And maybe, Patterson will get the start and impress (fat chance against that defense, though).

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