Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin (19) cannot catch a pass against Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall (23) in the fourth quarter at AT

Miles Austin Injury: Dallas Cowboys WR back at practice

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin hasn’t caught a pass since injuring his hamstring injury in Week 3 against the St. Louis Rams, as he was wildly ineffective upon his return after missing a couple of weeks due to the injury itself. He played so poorly that the Cowboys wisely decided to shut Austin down. Austin has had many issues with hamstring injuries during his career, and this latest one clearly hobbled him. Both Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley emerged as legitimate threats in his absence, but things have cooled off for the Cowboys. Even though Austin is viewed less favorably by the fan base than ever before, it’s clear that the Cowboys could use his return in the passing game to help instill some more firepower into a passing offense that needs it (moreso to counter the play of their defense).

Austin finally returned to the practice field last week during their first day of practice after the bye week, and Cowboys beat writer Clarence Hill reports that Austin is practicing today to start this week’s practice sessions.

The Cowboys have a huge division tilt this week against the New York Giants, and they will need all hands on deck for this crucial game against a Giants team that is on a four-game winning streak. Meanwhile, the Week 10 embarrassment at the hands of the New Orleans Saints is still fresh in the Cowboys minds, so a practice session from Miles Austin today should lock him in for this week’s game against the Giants. Austin was always expected to play, but now he should be fully expected to play. A loss this week could severely curtail the Cowboys chances of getting to the playoffs, so bringing back their probable No. 2 receiver will help them against a Giants secondary that the Cowboys passing attack needs to dominate (they can beat them, but they need to do more than just “beat” the Giants through the air).

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  • SmartThinking

    If the Giants jam Bryant the same way they did in the first game, then Austin could have a big night. Of course, that’s if the Dallas offensive line can keep a very motivated Giants defensive front off of Romo long enough for him to find Austin.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dallas offense come out with a five-receiver set consisting of Bryant, Witten, Austin, Williams and either Beasley or Murray out of the backfield.

    It’s hard to think it might be so but if Austin has a big night, then Jerry Jones is a genius for putting him on ice for the stretch run to the division title.

    • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

      To be honest with you, it was pretty funny watching the Giants sell out their entire coverage on Bryant, to the point where he looked like an All-Pro decoy. What is worrisome regarding the Giants DL is their ability to push the pocket from the inside. As for motivated, JPP seems as motivated as ever off the edge (what a pick six that was yesterday).

      The Cowboys decision to “shut down” Austin was indeed a wise one from my view, because he clearly wasn’t healthy and just looked awful out there due to the hamstring injury. And then with Williams and Beasley playing well, there was simply no pressure to bring back Austin. Now that he has plenty of time to recover and the Cowboys could use a quality receiver to add to the mix, it’s the perfect time to bring him back. And yeah, beating a division team is pretty darn important right now.

      Any early predictions you’d like to share?

      • SmartThinking

        Dallas loses all three division games. Or, Dallas loses to New York and Philadelphia and ekes out a Washington win.

        Also, Garrett is gone after Chicago beats Dallas.

        Dallas barely beats Oakland and the Green Bay game is a repeat of Detroit or Minneapolis with the outcome a toss-up.

        I have no faith in this Cowboys team.

        I blame Jerry Jones for his mismanagement and outright lies to the fans and in the media regarding this team. Any professional owner but Jones or Al Davis would have fired the GM years ago for his continued inept personnel choices and errors in judgment.

        • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

          Jones clearly has no awareness of what a salary cap is, and the fact that the Cowboys personnel issues have remained the same (cough, cough, defensive backs) is also a major issue.