Week 12: NFL Power Rankings

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With the NFL season nearing the 3/4th marks, I think we all finally got a definitive answer as to who the best team in the National Football League is. The Denver Broncos put on a clinic both offensively and defensively Sunday Night against the then undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. Peyton Manning continues to put up ridiculous numbers. It’s unreal. No matter who he takes on he always makes opposing defenses look like a high school team.

As far as everyone else, we are in the midst of a great playoff race in both the NFC and AFC. With one of the Wild Card’s already go to either the Broncos or the Chiefs. The other spot is up for grabs as the Jets, Dolphins, Titans, Raiders, Steelers and Chargers are all either 4-6 or 5-5. It is a tight race that could potentially come down to the last few weeks of the season.

On the other hand, the NFC Wild Card race is wide open. Coming into the season, we all figured either the Seahawks and 49’ers would take one of the Wild Card spots. With the Seahawks stock continuing to rise, the 49’ers is dropping. The team is currently in a two game losing streak and with teams either the Saints or Panthers taking one of the spots, there is no guarantee they will make the playoffs.

So, with all of that being said, here are my Power Rankings for week 12. Feel free to leave your comments and opinions below. Also, make sure you check back every Tuesday morning as I will continue to post my Power Rankings throughout the season.

Number 1: Denver Broncos (9-1) – Last Week 2

The Broncos showed why they are the best team in the league and the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Peyton was Peyton and the defense did a tremendous job keeping the Chiefs offense in line.

Number 2: Seattle Seahawks (10-1) – Last Week 3

The Seahawks completely dominated the Minnesota Vikings as expected. The Vikings were able to hang around for the first quarter, but after that it wasn’t even close. Russell Wilson had the best passer rating of his career, posting a 151.4. Seattle finally gets their bye before they have to take on the Saints.

Number 3: New Orleans Saints (8-2) – Last Week 5

So a bad call gave the Saints a victory. The officiating should be ashamed. But, a win is a win no matter how it happens.

Number 4: Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) – Last Week 1

Happy everyone? The Chiefs finally lost a game. They finally played a real opponent and lost. That in no way shape or form should be the opinion on the Chiefs. The Broncos got ahead early and when Peyton Manning has a lead, good luck trying to get it back. The defense played very well despite the 27 points scored. The offense needs to pick it up though. Time is running out. Let’s see if they can get the better of the Broncos in two weeks at home

Number 5: Carolina Panthers (7-3) – Last Week 8

How about Cam Newton? Boy, can he play football or what? He had an absolute huge performance in easily the biggest game of his NFL career. He made his impact in the game felt with over 200 passing yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. He was also a factor in the ground game, leading the team with 7 carries for 62 yards. The defense also played very well. They might have given up some yards, but they were able to make plays when they counted. They had two sacks, a fumble recover and an interception to win the game. This team is for real.

Number 6: Indianapolis Colts (7-3) – Last Week 7

The Colts almost dropped another important game this past Thursday night against the Tennessee Titans. Trent Richardson was a non factor yet again as he only ran the ball eight times. Luckily, they have Donald Brown to help pick up the slack in the backfield.

Number 7: New England Patriots (7-3) – Last Week 4 

Hmm… that call at the end was quite questionable to me. Bad week for officiating. However, the Patriots still could have done more throughout the game so they weren’t in that position. It’s 60 minutes of football so it’s hard to say one second decided the game. It was a sequence of events throughout the game and it was a great one at that.

Number 8: Detroit Lions (6-4) – Last Week 6

The Lions had an excellent opportunity to begin to pull away in the division. They were unable to do it as they fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers. After two strong performances in a row, Reggie Bush was unable to get going.

Number 9: Cincinnati Bengals (7-4) – Last Week 10

After losing two straight games and falling behind 13-0 in the first quarter, the Cincinnati Bengals were able to get their heads back in the game and completely dominate. However, Andy Dalton needs to control himself and stop throwing interceptions if this team wants to make a Super Bowl run.

Number 10: San Francisco 49’ers (6-4) – Last Week 9

San Francisco fans and players were not happy about the call that gave New Orleans the game. There is nothing they can do about it. They just have to move on, bounce back and continue the fight towards the playoffs. Surprisingly, they are not guaranteed.

Number 11: Philadelphia Eagles (6-5) – Last Week 13

Nick Foles is really proving himself to not only Philadelphia, but also to the entire league. This season, Foles has 16 touchdowns ans zero interceptions. He has taken this team to the next level. They still might wan’t to draft a quarterback in the middle of this year’s draft just in case. But you can’t take away from what Foles has been doing. Simply incredible.

Number 12: Chicago Bears (6-4) – Last Week 14

The Bears were not only able to hold off the late surge by the Ravens, but also mother nature. Matt Forte played a huge role in the success of the Bears on Sunday. McCown is playing very good football. Cutler’s future is definitely in question in Chicago.

Number 13: Arizona Cardinals (6-4) – Last Week 16

Yes, this is real. No, you’re not crazy. The Cardinals are 6-4 and are tied for second in a division that featured the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49’ers. Bruce Arians is doing a heck of a job in the desert. He should definitely be inconsideration for the AP Coach of the Year Award for the second straight year.

Number 14: Green Bay Packers (5-5) – Last Week 11

It’s incredible to see how average this team is without Aaron Rodgers at the helm. Despite that they still sit in the top 15. Expect them to get right back to their old ways as soon as Rodgers returns.

Number 15:Dallas Cowboys (5-5) – Last Week 15

A bye week for the Cowboys meant the Eagles jumped up to first place in the division. They will be traveling to the Meadowlands next week in what will be a bloodbath according to Jason Pierre-Paul.

Number 16: New York Jets (5-5) – Last Week 12

One step forward, two steps back. That’s the theme for the New York Jets this season. The team that I like to call the most inconsistent team in the NFL showed why they have earned that title. Geno Smith went 8 for 23 with three interceptions and three sacks. Again, one step forward and two steps back.

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