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Johnny Football a fit with the New York Jets?

When you look at all the measurable metrics of the New York Jets, they should have a better record then (5-5). Gang Green sports a defense with top ten talent, and might be in the elite category in the front seven with Mo Wilkerson and company.  The offense has more weapons than most people believe, or refuse to notice. Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell are very talented young runningbacks, Holmes, Kerley and Cumberland lead a solid receiving core and the offensive line anchored by Nick Mangold is more solid than most think. The problem seems to be with the quarterback situation. And I know what most of you are thinking, Geno Smith is a rookie and he needs more time. I’ll grant you that argument, and the young man has had a few nice starts, but he fits right into that game-manager billing where Mark Sanchez spent his tenure in New York.

The Jets, with an addition to the receiving core in the draft, have the ability to win and win big in the next few years, do they really want to be polite and wait on Geno like they did Sanchez? They wasted real opportunities in the past years to win a Super Bowl being polite to Mark Sanchez because he won a few playoff games. Mark is a serviceable quarterback, but he’s not a franchise guy but Tannenbaum and company wanted to wait on him and that cost him his job. John Idzik would be remiss in making the same mistake here.

Most of you read the headline, and yes I am arguing for Gang Green to do whatever is in their power to get Johnny Manziel to New York. For some reason the Heisman Trophy winner (and the odds on favorite to win a second) has a ton of haters who think his game won’t translate to the NFL. Most of those people are holding onto that belief mostly because they don’t like him for his of the field antics. And to those fans I would say what’s wrong with a young man with all the talent in the world enjoying himself and believing that he is the best player in the country, I’m sorry I want my quarterback to have that confidence in any scenario. And doesn’t that remind you of a former Jets great who came from the SEC? That’s right, Joe Namath. Moreover, going back onto the field many make the argument that he’s too small and won’t be able to make in the NFL. Wait, how big is Drew Brees? How big is Russell Wilson? Exactly. If you look at Manziel’s statistics throughout his college career you will be truly astounded. Look at the opponents he’s played against in his two seasons. Alabama, LSU, Florida just to name a few. Johnny has played perennial powerhouses every week and torched them to the tune of a Heisman Trophy and is on the way to a second. All of the teams he has faced are loaded with NFL talent. Another knock on Manziel is that he doesn’t have great arm strength. And to that question I would ask have you even watched Texas A&M the last two years? Ask Alabama if Johnny Manziel has a strong arm. Go back to the Alabama game from this season where Johnny Football was in the back of his own endzone and slung a 60 yard dime to Mike Evans which went for a 90-plus yard TD. Manziel has the arm strength to make every NFL throw, the speed and quickness to extend plays and most of all the poise to play in the big game and win the big game. Mel Kiper has Johnny Manziel going in the mid-to-late first round in this year’s NFL draft, which is where the Jets will be selecting. The prudent advice for John Idzik, draft Manziel and don’t waste your time waiting for Geno Smith. This is a business, nice guys finish last in the NFL, ask Mike Tannenbaum. Mark my words wherever Manziel goes he will be a winner.

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