Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis (58) before the game against the St. Louis Rams at Bank of America Stadium. Carolina Panthers win 30-15. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina Panthers Thomas Davis played through dislocated finger

Carolina Panthers star strong-side linebacker Thomas Davis is one of the toughest players in the game, and there is no questioning both his physical toughness and mental toughness. The Panthers breakout season this year and incredible play on defense has allowed one of its leaders and best players to become the national story he should have been last season when he made an incredible comeback from his third ACL tears.

Davis is almost superhuman, and he managed to record 103 tackles last season in another great year. He’s returned to pre-injury form with an even better season so far this year, as Davis has already recorded 89 tackles with seven passes defended. The man is simply at the top of his game again, and he is more than just a leader; he’s still a star linebacker even at the age of 30 after three ACL tears. You just can’t make up a story like Davis’s, and it’s safe to say that his legend only continues to grow.

According to the Panthers official Twitter account, Thomas Davis suffered a dislocated finger during yesterday’s close win over the Miami Dolphins, and he still managed to play through the entire game without missing a play. Davis has not missed a game this season, and he’s only missed a snap in three games. He didn’t miss a snap yesterday and ended up being on the field for 67 plays, according to the Pro Football Focus.

It’s unclear when he suffered the dislocated finger (there is, after all, a big difference in playing through an injury that was sustained in the first quarter to an injury suffered in the fourth), but it’s still an impressive feat that further shows his toughness. But, again, another caveat is that other players probably play through dislocations as well.

Nevertheless, there’s no reason to rain on his parade at all, and, furthermore, there is even more reason to praise Davis for his performance in yesterday’s close victory. He had another terrific outing with six tackles, a sack, two QB hits, and a pass defended. Davis was amazing in the passing game, showing off his ability to do a good job of rushing the passer, and he also showed off excellent coverage skills by defending a pass and quickly tackling anyone who caught a pass while he was in coverage. He’s been great in coverage all year, and he was great yesterday as well.

It would take a real scrooge to not love Thomas Davis.

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