Week 13: NFL Power Rankings

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With another week of football in the books everything is starting to look a little more clear. Both the AFC and the NFC already have one of their Wild Card spots locked up. All it comes down to now is who will win the division. The Chiefs are battling it out with the Broncos, while the Panthers and the Saints are locked in an intriguing match up.

The other spots? Well, they’re still up for grabs. In the AFC there are six teams that are sitting at 5-6 and three with a record of 4-7. All nine of these teams are going head to head week in and week out. While the NFC, the Eagles, Bears, Packers, Cardinals, 49’ers and now the Rams are all trying to earn their way into the postseason.

As the season continues to get older, each game played has a direct correlation on the postseason outlook. With that being said, here are my Power Rankings for week 13.

Number 1: Seattle Seahawks (10-1) – Last Week 2

The Seahawks shoot back up to the number one slot in the Power Rankings. They will be tested right away though as they will be taking on the Saints this Monday night at home. Will be a great match up.

Number 2: New England Patriots (8-3) – Last Week 7

Okay, here me out here. First off, I am not a Pats fan. I actually like the Dolphins. Outside of the game against Cincinnati, you can very easily argue that the Patriots were robbed out of their games against the Jets and the Panthers. And despite being down by 24 last night, they were completely dominating the Broncos before ultimately coming back and winning the game in overtime. Brady has all of his weapons back and the offense is healthy. They also have some nice defensive pieces and Talib is arguably the best cover corner in the league. They have a very easy schedule to close out the season and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see them as the number 1 seed.

Number 3: New Orleans Saints (9-2) – Last Week 3

The Saints were barely able to defeat the 2-9 Falcons. In their defense they had to travel to a rival team to play a night game. Still, they should be able to comfortably defeat Atlanta. They have a tough next month as they have to travel to Seattle Monday night before taking on the Panthers twice.

Number 4: Denver Broncos (9-2) – Last Week 1

I guess it is still true. Peyton Manning is a different quarterback in the cold weather. The Broncos play in a place that gets just as cold as any other city. Call me crazy, but this team is not making it to the Super Bowl.

Number 5: Carolina Panthers (8-3) – Last Week 5

Nice comeback win for the Panthers against the Dolphins this past Sunday. They are winners of their last seven games. They get Tampa Bay this weekend before playing the Saints in a huge in division game.

Number 6: Kansas City Chiefs (9-2) – Last Week 4

Two straight losses for the Kansas City Chiefs. There defense looked very average and they lost Tamba Hali. On the bright side they had their best offensive performance of the season, scoring 38 points. Next up, the Broncos at home. Will be a very interesting game.

Number 7: Cincinnati Bengals (7-4) – Last Week 9

The Bengals move up two spots by default this week. They are playing the Chargers this week in a game that will have some serious playoff implications.

Number 8: San Francisco 49’ers (7-4) – Last Week 10

A much needed and very easy win for the 49’ers last night. Kaepernick was very dominate and looked like the last year version of himself. The defense also looked very good as well.

Number 9: Detroit Lions (6-5) – Last Week 8

How do you lose this game to Tampa Bay. With injuries to Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers, the Lions were given an excellent chance to seal up the NFC North and they just can’t get it done. They still have the best offense in a bad defensive division so I believe they will finish the season in first.

Number 10: Arizona Cardinals (7-4) – Last Week 13

This has to be the surprise team of the league in my opinion. Bruce Arians needs to receive the Coach of the Year award yet again. He has this Cardinals team playing spectacular football.

Number 11: Philadelphia Eagles (6-5) – Last Week 11

A bye week for the Eagles is probably the best thing they had all season. They have been playing good, but find themselves in a very tight race. Having two weeks to prepare for the Cardinals is definitely something they needed.

Number 12: Indianapolis Colts (7-4) – Last Week 6

The Colts are starting to show their flaws with Reggie Wayne being out and the offensive line being one of the worst in the league. Andrew Luck can’t do it all himself. This team is in trouble heading into the postseason.

Number 13: Chicago Bears (6-5) – Last Week 12

The Bears were unable to stop the St. Louis Rams offense. Said no one ever, right? No, this actually happened.

Number 14: Dallas Cowboys (6-5) – Last Week 15

I guess Tony Romo is clutch after all. The Cowboys put themselves right back into the race for first place in the NFC East. Let’s see if Romo can keep up his magic.

Number 15: Green Bay Packers (5-5-1) – Last Week 14

The Packers need Rodgers back ASAP. They are very very average without him.

Number 16: Tennessee Titans (5-6) – Last Week 19

Even with a 5-6 record, the Titans continue to play good football. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been able to hold onto the ball and make good decisions. They must continue to get Justin Hunter involved in the offense.

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