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Week 13: NFL Power Rankings

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Number 17: San Diego Chargers (5-6) – Last Week 18 

Very impressive win for the Chargers. They were able to score 41 points against the leagues best defense. Let’s see if they can keep it up. I really like them as the final Wild Card spot in the AFC.

Number 18: New York Jets (5-6) – Last Week 16

The Jets have been inconsistent all season, however, they have been quite consistent over the past two weeks. Geno Smith continues to throw interceptions and they continue to get blown out.

Number 19: Miami Dolphins (5-6) – Last Week 17

The Dolphins motto this season “lose close games.” That continued this past weekend as they were unable to finish off the Carolina Panthers. The Dolphins also lost running back Daniel Thomas for the season due to an ankle injury.

Number 20:  St. Louis Rams (5-6) – Last Week 20

Despite the injury to Zac Stacy, the St. Louis Rams were able to completely dominate the Bears on the ground, rushing for over 250 yards. Tavon Austin also continued to shine with a 65 yard rushing touchdown. Not bad for a wide receiver.

Number 21: Baltimore Ravens (5-6) – Last Week 31

Sunday’s win against the Jets kind of felt like a must win for the Ravens and they were able to pull it off. They are just one of many teams that are fighting for the last Wild Card spot.

Number 22: Pittsburgh Steelers (5-6) – Last Week 23

Big time win for the Steelers as they continue to claw their way back into the AFC Wild Card hunt. Something tells me Big Ben isn’t going anywhere after this season.

Number 23: New York Giants (4-7) – Last Week 22

Tough loss for the Giants this past Sunday. They are still in the race for the NFC East. They just can’t lose these close games. Let’s see how they bounce back.

Number 24: Oakland Raiders (4-7) – Last Week 24

With a loss to the Titans, the Raiders have to pretty much win out to make the playoffs. This is unlikely as they still have to face Kansas City and Denver, however, you have to consider this season a win for the Raiders.

Number 25: Buffalo Bills (4-7) – Last Week 25

A bye week for the Bills will give them an extra week to rest and prepare for the  2-9 Falcons. With a healthy E.J. Manuel they should be just fine.

Number 26: Cleveland Browns (4-7) – Last Week 26

The Browns were completely dismantled at home against the Steelers. The loss of Jason Campbell means they must go back to Brandon Weeden. The one bright spot is the fact that Josh Gordon had a 237 yard receiving game. That guy is GOOD.

Number 27: Washington Redskins (3-8) – Last Week 27

The Redskins continued their dreadful season with an embarrassing loss at home last night. This team and Mike Shanahan are in serious trouble.

Number 28: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-8) – Last Week 32

Surprise, surprise. Three straight wins for the Buccaneers. Mike Glennon has been playing some really good football and is making excellent decisions. A win over the first place Lions should give the Bucs some much needed confidence heading into next weeks match up against the Panthers.

Number 29: Atlanta Falcons (2-9) – Last Week 29

Close, but no cigar. The Falcons were almost able to knock off the Saints on Thursday night at home, however, Drew Brees was just a little too much to handle. Maybe they can squeak out a win at Buffalo next week.

Number 30: Minnesota Vikings (2-8-1) – Last Week 30

The Vikings give Adrian Peterson  a majority of the work load and they are somewhat successful. Coincidence? I think not. Expect a new QB come May 8th.

Number 31: Houston Texans (2-9) – Last Week 28

The only reason the Texans aren’t behind the Jaguars on this list is because they have more talent than the Jaguars do.

Number 32: Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9) – Last Week 32

Another win for the Jacksonville Jaguars! 2-9 on the season is equivalent to a winning season for them. Right?

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