Green Bay Packers defensive end Mike Daniels (76) sacks Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) in the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. The Eagles won 27-13. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Daniels wants Green Bay Packers to send more 'messages'

The Green Bay Packers defense has been the weakness of this team for a couple of years now, and it just seems like the defense continues to slide. Losing Aaron Rodgers has definitely hurt the Packers a huge amount, but the Packers are also winless since Rodgers’s injury due to some awful play on defense. Look no further than yesterday afternoon’s embarrassing 40-10 loss to the Detroit Lions to see just how bad this defense has become.

The Lions had no trouble running the ball down Green Bay’s throat, as Joique Bell and Reggie Bush seemed to rack up yardage almost at will. The Lions offensive line absolutely manhandled the Packers defense, particularly at the point of attack. I don’t know why the Packers are offering B.J. Raji an extension worth $8 million a year, and it’s even more mind-boggling to think that Raji has rejected that offer; he’s worth nowhere near that kind of money. It wasn’t just the run defense, though, as the secondary continued to break down in coverage.

Defensive end Mike Daniels has been one of the only bright spots on the Packers defense, and he’s honestly played at an incredibly high level this season both as a pass rusher and in run defense. According to Daniels, the Packers need to start playing with more aggression and sending messages to the offense by punching “them in their throat”.

Daniels said, via, “We need to get tougher, choke people, punch them in their throat. I mean, that guy got a helmet-to-helmet on us. You know what? He was trying to send a message and every now and then you got to do that.”

The helmet-to-helmet hit that Daniels is referencing is, of course, the hit that Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy had on Packers tight end Ryan Taylor, which was flagged for a personal foul penalty of 15 yards.

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  • Peter Maiz

    This was such a pathetic performance that it’s not worth analyzing.

    • Joe Soriano

      Yeah, it’s extremely frustrating, but I think it’s worth analyzing what happened beyond the obvious. But with this kind of analyzation, it’s more about recognizing the extent of the issues and how to properly address them. Sadly, the Packers have dealt with the same exact issues over the past couple of years and haven’t addressed them. Ted Thompson is a genius at drafting for sure, but I always wonder if his anti-FA policy bites him in the butt too often.

      • Peter Maiz

        Joe, I agree, but without Rodgers this team needs major surgery. I don’t know if the players are motivated and happy the way they’re playing. I’ll be truly sad if Dom returns for 2014, because it may be more of the same. We need the genius of Rodgers back to make a difference. He won’t play against Atlanta and may be rusty for Dallas. I have high hopes for 2014 provided changes are made. Remember, we have great players, but so do other teams, of course with the exception of Rodgers, who is in a league of his own.

        • Joe Soriano

          Haha yeah, Rodgers is the top QB. I think this team does have plenty of holes to fill on defense, and they could still afford to get another solid starting OL. They aren’t as good as several other teams in this league, but they are still a legit playoff contender with Rodgers at the helm, that’s for sure. And if they can make upgrades at ILB, DT (I think Raji is grossly overrated by some, time to move on from him), and DB, then they could go pretty far.

          • Peter Maiz

            Yeah, Raji should go. $8mil? Please.

          • Joe Soriano

            Haha, I don’t know which is crazier, the Packers offering Raji $8 million per year or Raji rejecting that offer.