Dec 1, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak looks down against the New England Patriots before the game at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Coaching Hot Seat: Leslie Frazier, Greg Schiano, Gary Kubiak On Alert

Black Monday in the NFL is nothing like Black Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Monday is known in the NFL as the day that coaches start getting the ax around the league. Coaches are on high alert knowing that the pink slip could be coming.

Bovada has odds on a few different coaches that could be getting the ax on this coming Black Monday and here are the names and the possible odds for them to be released.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Greg Schiano 2/1
Houston Texans Gary Kubiak 2/1
Minnesota Vikings Leslie Frazier 2/1
Oakland Raiders Dennis Allen 3/2
Tennessee Titans Mike Munchak 11/10
New York Jets Rex Ryan 1/1
Miami Dolphins Joe Philbin 2/3
Dallas Cowboys Jason Garrett 2/5
Atlanta Falcons Mike Smith 2/5
Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin 1/4
New York Giants Tom Coughlin 1/5

I can easily see the top 3 guys on the list being dropped. Some of the other guys on the list will have to see how they finish off the regular season. Jason Garrett could be on the hot seat if the Cowboys stumble in the final month of the year.

Which teams do you think will have coaching changes at the end of the year?

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  • John Anthony

    POOR Aggie!!!

  • arnie

    Did they have a plan? Did they have the resources to execute that plan?
    These are two questions I ask when coaches are on the “hot seat”.
    Greg Schiano was the new GM’s guy. Raheem Morris had a good season in 2010, the organization decided to go young in 2011 and the disappointing results were blamed on Morris. Now there are “trust” issues with team and Schiano, and he’s been working with almost the same resources Morris had. Expect Schiano to retain his job for one more season.
    Kubiak is an OC posing as a HC. His plan has been to win with Schaub, Foster, Johnson, an Watt. He’s shown clearly there is no plan B beyond those players. Most likely gone.
    Fraser, inherited a team that needed a QB to get over the hump. The defense is getting old, AP is still beast but not getting younger. He needs clear cut plan to move forward from the current roster. He could get one more year, i would surprised if he didn’t.
    Allen, he just a got a potentially good young QB to work with. The raiders have over a decade of poor play, Allen isn’t going to fix it in a few years. His team is just starting to look competitive. He should be retained.
    Munchak, if he’s released it’s not because of his coaching. Resources. They haven’t had the talent there since Fischer left.
    Ryan, Geno Smith may have given Rex an extension. His play hasn’t been stellar but he seems to have sparked enough to show the QB position was the problem. Also Rex has gotten the defense back on track, they may want a another year of Rex to see what he can do with a more experienced Smith.
    Philban, is not he on the hot seat, it’s Jeff Ireland. Losing almost half of the O-line to protect the Franchise QB doesn’t help. The facts are Joe has gotten this team to play, they are just young and need to build the roster.
    Garrett, he’s not in charge. He never has been. Not since Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcels has the Cowboys a HC that ran the team. Every knows Jerry Jones is in control. He is the Al Davis of the NFC East. But if coach has to get the axe, Jerry can’t fire himself.
    Smith, when to do the falcons win? When they were a run first offense. Who was the guy that made that happen? Michael Turner. How has Jackson helped? That is all you need to know about there problems. They parted ways with a productive “healthy” veteran RB, to sign a injury plagued veteran RB.
    Tomlin? Seriously? They won’t pay the young talent he drafted and developed. Released the productive vets and stick Tomlinson with old vets and players that can’t healthy, and he’s on the hot seat? They need to be grateful he’s gotten them back into the playoff picture, or at least in the discussion for contention.
    Coughlin has gotten this organization two Championships. With a great defense, and great running game. Now we get to see the team under Tom and how he makes adjustments without those two things. They like the steeler don’t like to pay high for skill positions. They wold be better if the could ditch the ancient 2 WR sets, and get Eli to check down. If Tom “stays the course” he won’t be the only coach to be let go from the giants.

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  • Ben Brown

    Mr. Schiano is the worst coach ever for the bucs. With the talent added to the team when he took over their is no excuse. Bucs has a poor record because of poor coaching. Bucs head coach is the worst in the nfl, period !