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2014 NFL Mock Draft: McShay Selects Johnny Manziel for Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the hunt for a new quarterback. Going into the draft, they will be hoping to find a new leader for their offense. Todd McShay just completed his most recent draft and selected Johnny Manziel with their 4th overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

Here is the breakdown from McShay:

Analysis: This will be a tough decision. Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is hoping to find a leader at QB who can elevate the whole team, the way Russell Wilson did with Seattle in 2012. Is Manziel that guy? I think the key for Manziel is going to be how he interviews. Some teams are going to fall in love with his confidence, whereas others will be turned off by him. One reason why I think Manziel fits in Jacksonville is that offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch has proved throughout his career that he can successfully adapt his system to his personnel, which is a must for any team that brings in Manziel, given his exceptional mobility and improvisational skills.

Manziel doesn’t have ideal size, but I’ve been really impressed this season with how he improved his delivery mechanics to get better velocity on his throws, and his improvement at going through his progressions. If he can continue to develop in the NFL, he has a chance to be really good.

I like the idea of Manziel joining a young team with Gus Bradley as the head coach. I think that he would be a good fit for the team and the offense would benefit from having Manziel leading the offense. If they are able to re-sign Maurice Jones-Drew for another season, then they would have a veteran to help him in the backfield for the season.

What do you all think of Manziel in Jacksonville?

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  • purduejim

    Johnny Football is all I want for christmas, and maybe some read grader OLs.

  • Jim Staggs

    This pick would really make sense…This guy is legit, and skills wise a virtual clone of Russell Wilson, whom Bradley is familiar with. Jacksonville enjoyed their greatest success as a team during the Mark Brunell era, and he wasn’t a giant quarterback and could scramble…Houston won’t take him guaranteed…They will either take the unproven talent(Bortles) or Clowney.

  • Jim Staggs

    Then in 2nd round they can take Benjamin to address a need for a big WR body…opposite Blackmon if he gets his act together…play Shorts III in the slot, and your set. I would like to see them pick up Tre Mason as well if he falls in draft…

  • purduejim

    There has been a lot of discussion since this mock draft, but I still think it is the best move for the Jags. Someone pointed out that they would prefer an un-exciting QB who won vs. an exciting one who lost. To that I say Manziel had a fantastic record at A&M against the SEC defenses; most would agree they are the best defenses in college football. Some would say his success is only because he is a “system QB”. This reminds me of the comments about Purdue’s “Basketball on grass system” that produced Drew Brees. And I would point out that more and more NFL teams are adding aspects of spread offenses to their plans. That makes these QBs who have to make quick decisions in those offenses better trained than those trained in more classic NFL offenses. But mostly, Manziel would bring to Jacksonville the combination of skills and leadership that has been missing since we lost Mark Brunell. If that is not a formula for winning excitement, what is?