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Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Jerry Jones expected to fire coaching staff if Cowboys don't win division

The Dallas Cowboys epic collapse against the Green Bay Packers last week could have shot down the Cowboys playoff hopes had the Minnesota Vikings not upset the Philadelphia Eagles. It was an embarrassing loss in every sense, as it showcased the Cowboys horrible defense (arguably the worst in the league, especially when star linebacker Sean Lee is out) and penchant for terrible play-calling. The Cowboys like to say that they are committed to the running game, but they infamously barely ran the ball following their large lead, breaking every common-sense football guideline in the book. Even more insulting is the fact that DeMarco Murray was having a fantastic day. You can blame Tony Romo all you want, but if you look at the stats, you’ll see that he is the reason why the Cowboys remain competitive despite bad defense and, quite frankly, bad coaching.

This report from ESPN’s Ed Werder is as notable as they come, because Werder is informed by a source that the “current expectation” is that Jason Garrett and the Cowboys coaching staff will be fired if the team doesn’t win the division. That means they have absolutely no margin for error during these next two games, including a crucial Week 17 tilt against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jones stated earlier this season that he would be committed to Jason Garrett going forward, but those kinds of statements can be taken with a grain of salt. It’s not a surprise to hear a report stating that the Cowboys will likely fire everyone if they don’t make the playoffs, but I think everyone can agree that what ails the Cowboys the most is Jerry Jones himself. You cannot be a legitimate sports franchise these days when your owner is your GM, because czarships are doomed to fail, especially when that GM/owner knows next to nothing about how a salary cap works.

That said, Bill Callahan needs to be fired, since he is a terrible play-caller and doesn’t have the best of track records either (we all remember the 2002 Oakland Raiders, in which Callahan ruined Rich Gannon’s epic season with a faulty Super Bowl gameplan). Monte Kiffin is squarely on the hot seat, and his case is tougher to judge since the Cowboys simply have some bad players on defense. But at the same time, the defense shouldn’t be this bad. As for Garrett, he’s not that bad, but it’s hard to see what he brings to the table sometimes, and a change could be what is needed. I don’t like how Jones is reportedly basing his decision off of what the Cowboys do over their next two games, but we’ll see; it’s likely just meant as a statement saying, “You guys have been so bad this year that you are all gone, unless if we can somehow make the playoffs.” Werder later tweeted that Jones prefers not to fire Garrett (this makes sense considering Jones’s comments earlier this year), but that might not mean a whole lot if the Cowboys don’t make the postseason.

Question, will we ever see Jones take an introspective look at his own failures and adjust his approach?

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  • SmartThinking

    More grist for the mill. I saw it coming after the Detroit loss.

    If Jones is going to fire anyone, it ought to be the lame-headed fool of a GM of this team for making all those poor decisions and for mismanaging this team to the point where it’s a parody of what it once was.

    Jones is an absolute disaster and all we can do is watch.

    • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

      I wish there were a way for fans to get rid of an owner, because it’s just pitiful watching Jones run the show in Dallas. His time has been a long time coming.

      • Jd

        All we need to know about JJ & the future of this franchise, to continue in mediocrity was his statement or answer he gave about hiring a GM or a football person to evaluate talent to bring in. When he said, he’s going to want to know about him anyway, I sign the checks. DOOM!

        Nothing will ever change in Dallas unless he decided to sell the team, which will NEVER happen, or, and I hate saying this about anyone, but if he dies.

        I honestly wish, Mark Cuban would walk into Jerry’s office, hand him a blank check & say, get the UCK out of my office.
        At least Cuban would hire people to do their job and bring in the right people to put the system and bring stability to this organization. And he wantsbnothing more than to win and win for the fans.
        Just a thought.

  • Earl Robertson

    To answer your question if jones does hired someone like Parcells he will take it back once the cowboys become competive again