Dec 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) runs the ball against the Kansas City Chiefs in the second quarter at Coliseum. The Chiefs defeated the Raiders 56-31. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor’s Agent Believes Coach Wants Him To Fail

Terrelle Pryor has been named the starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders for the season finale and Pryor’s agent is not happy about the situation. He went on record to share his frustration with Allen’s decision:

“I think they’re putting him in hopes that he fails,” Stanley told CSN reporter Fallon Smith and myself. “That’s what I think coach is doing. I think they’re putting him in hopes that he has a bad game, so he can then justify the Matt McGloin situation. I think that’s what’s going on, I do and it’s ridiculous…”

“You have to understand the coach is putting him in, he doesn’t want him to look good. And you can write that. He doesn’t want him to look good because, if he looks good this week, it makes the past five weeks look like a bad decision. (Allen) doesn’t want him to look good, he wants him to look bad. That is what is going on.”

Maybe it is a pure genius move by Allen. What happens if Pryor plays well? They can just spin it in saying that he needed that time to recover from his injury and that the rest was good for him. They can look to him as the quarterback of the future and complicate that whole quarterback situation one more time.

If Pryor sucks, then Allen was right to stick with McGloin. Either way, Allen seems to be making the smart move. It might not save his job either way though.

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  • DanfromVegas

    Sounds like Pryor and his agent are psusses.

    • TribalX

      And your spelling?

      • DanfromVegas

        That was deliberate.

  • TribalX

    What Pryor’s agent is saying does make sense. All season Allen has always strategically waited until the last moment to say who would be starting when there was an option. Now, suddenly, he seems to want to give the Broncos staff a heads up so they know who to prepare for. What an ass!

  • Michael Klein

    I agree with Terrelle Pryor’s agent. As much as I tried to give Dennis Allen the benefit of the doubt on many things. He is the one that is not getting it done. TP is the closest thing we have to a franchise QB. The fact that he has to go outside of the organization (Tom House- Great initiative on TP’s part during our bye week) to get training speaks volumes to what is going on there. The Raiders have had poor QB play because they have not had anyone in the organization who can work with their QB’s since Jon Gruden. Some of our QB’s go on to success in other organizations.

    The Raiders need to make it a HIGH Priority if they don’t Can Allen and Hire Gruden to hire a real QB coach to work with you young QB’s (Tom House, George Whitfield( the QB Whisperer- Manziel & others coaches, David Lee, Rich Gannon-he offered to work with Jamarcus and was rebuffed by Al D, Jeff Garcia etc) and anyone else they draft or pick up.

    What is the value to have someone to work with our young QB’s?? to me it has been one of the glaring holes in the organization for at least a decade. QB’s need a great coach just like any other position coach as well but many times it is over looked. or maybe in this case they are sent in to fail to save the coaches butt. Kick some Butt TP and get a HUGE chip on your shoulder and keep doing the right thing… Let your agent crawl in the mud for you and win some ball games and continue to grow, you have been the best at the position since Gannon give him a call maybe he can give you some guidance as well!.. and pray for Gruden to coach next year.

    Sorry Dennis you are doing this to yourself you actually seem like you are trying harder than Shannahan to get fired.