Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen looks on against the Kansas City Chiefs during the first quarter at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Dennis Allen fires back at agent, no reason not to believe Allen

Usually it’s the agent that comes up with an apologetic statement to downplay stupid comments made by his client, but Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor was the one who had to do some damage-control yesterday. Pryor’s agent made an incredibly foolish statement stating that Raiders head coach Dennis Allen wants Terrelle Pryor to fail, and Pryor did a great job of addressing those comments and putting his agent back in line. Allen himself also took to the podium to address that accusation, and he had some strong words to say.

Via the San Francisco Chronicle’s Vic Tafur, Allen said, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever frickin’ heard.”

I couldn’t agree more. Why on earth would Allen want Pryor to fail, especially since Pryor could help Allen save his job? If Pryor is able to perform like a franchise quarterback and earn that designation from the Raiders front office, then Dennis Allen’s stock just went up. He’s on the hot seat, and that seat would immediately be cooled if Pryor succeeds and gives this team more hope for the future. The Raiders really need somebody to emerge as the franchise QB, and Pryor being that guy only helps Allen, who shouldn’t even be on the hot seat to begin with (the Raiders were predicted by most experts to win just two games, so a 4-11 record and generally competitive squad should be pluses on Allen’s record).

The notion that Allen wants Pryor to fail is utterly ridiculous, and he wouldn’t have been so cautious with Pryor’s concussion earlier this year if this were the case. I mean, does Allen really want Pryor to fail at being a quarterback in this league? Does he want to walk around with the stigma that he couldn’t help Pryor develop? Does he want to lose more games and hurt his record as a result of having a bad quarterback? Absolutely not.

Heck, Allen even said it, the Raiders won three of four games with Pryor. He gives them their best chance to win, and both he and Pryor know it. You could argue that Pryor is the reason why the Raiders won those games, and he has dynamic physical tools that help make up for his inexperience and decision-making errors. Maybe the Raiders shouldn’t have started Matt McGloin for him when Pryor was healthy, but McGloin looked impressive and deserved a second look from the organization (I’m sure the Raiders front office had more to do with that decision than Dennis Allen) in those games. The Raiders know that their main goal is to find a franchise QB, so they didn’t want to rule McGloin out either.

Here’s a great quote from Allen, “No coach in their right mind – this isn’t the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’; this isn’t made-for-TV drama. This is football, and we make our football decisions based solely on that, nothing other than that.”

I’m sure Pryor believes him, and I completely believe Allen when he says that there is absolutely no truth to the agent’s inflammatory, irresponsible, and inane statement that Allen wants Pryor to fail. There is no logic that supports that agent, and I’ve seen better trolling done by local columnists; it’s good to see Allen take the agent’s comments head-on.

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  • BigNinaRoss

    All you DA haters are effing idiots. Just because 1 or 2 coaches come in and have a winning season in their first year doesnt mean crap. Its all situational. Its stupid to give a coach only 3 or 4 years to turn a franchise around… especially The Raiders with their financial and roster situation. So all you fast food football fans need to find a new team…. there you go…Merry Xmas.

    • Lee

      There it is! Couldn’t agree more.

    • Don

      Yup, every franchise has hit and miss picks. Look at the free agents they brought in, Holmes, Streater

      • Ricky Bobby

        That doesn’t count. You need to hit on the guys you are investing ML’s of $$’s in. Period.

        • Phil Mokate

          All great questions bro. People who think that MD or RM believes in what DA has been doing this year and doing are not giving these two any credit for intelligence. I believe MD and RM gave DA enough space and rope and now know that DA has just hung himself. A 1 game evaluation on the last game against the Broncos is throwing TP to the wolves after being iced on the bench for 6 weeks. Either way, DA has dug himself a deep hole if TP wins or loses. Anybody with half a brain can see that one coming! I for one can’t wait to see what Monday brings us!

    • Ricky Bobby

      It’s not about FF playa, it’s about seeing progress. This team should have @ least 8 wins, instead they have the same lousy 4-11 record as they did last yr.

      Mark Davis wanted to see progression, RN isn’t seeing it so its time for another HC.

    • Joe Smith

      well said. lol @ pryor’s agent. If I was him that guy would be history.

  • Phil Mokate

    I agree with his agent whole heartedly. DA is a two faced liar. Many many fans know it. Why does it not bother DA that we lost a 4th round QB and he sent Flynn packing after 1loss? How come he could not develop them? TP is not DAs pick and if he could TP would be gone to, but MD won’t let him. So, if Pryor goes in and blows up Denver then how will that look for DA? The question would be why wait 5 straight losses to put him in? DA even made the ANNOUNCEMENT that TP was starting against his former EXPERIENCED HC, the next if not the best team in the NFL a week prior to the game? All year long DA has held back what his game plan was until game time. Why now? Why not just hand Fox the game book too? This is so transparent on DAs part it should cost him his job. Setting up a young player to fail as a stepping stone to further or save his own ass? What good HC does that? Lather,rinse, and repeat thank you very much!

    • RdrFusion

      You’re an idiot.

      • Phil Mokate

        You only think so because you have Confusion. Just because someone does not see things from your point of view they are an idiot? Those are legitimate questions I would be asking him in press conferences instead of the stupid shit we here from week to week. You make yourself look like it with no rebuttals of any kind. Your points are?

        • Ricky Bobby

          Lets see: DA stated that McGloin would start the remainder of the yr. so why now after 6 wks TP is starting?

          • Ricky Bobby

            DA: I’m starting TP because he gives us the best chance to win.
            WHAT?? DIDNT he give you the best chance to win last week? Or the week before?

          • Ricky Bobby

            If DA started MM and the Raiders lost, what excuse could he use? None.

          • Ricky Bobby

            If DA started TP & he WON RN. Will say why the hell was he on the bench ALL THIS TIME?

          • Ricky Bobby

            But if DA starts TP & he loses , which we all know is a strong possibility, then DA can use the excuse to Mark Davis come Black Monday: this is why I chose to go with MM, Pryor just isn’t a good QB sir.

          • Ricky Bobby

            DA: I’m starting TP because of the explosive plays.
            Huh? You said that was WHY MM WAS STARTING!!

          • Phil Mokate

            It looks like DA wants to win every game that TP plays or pull him at 3-5, but let MM lose 5 in a row and its ok? I’m so sick of watching the QB, coach and player carousel in this team. I can hardly stand to watch anymore. Especially after what looks to be a 4-12 or 5-11 two years in a row.

          • J K

            There is no good reason. NOT to let Pryor start. He has to see if Pryor is even worth holding onto and developing further or is he just another Tebow minus the kneeling and references .
            Pryor is a great Kid but let’s be real, Quarterbacks that don’t throw well simply fail.

          • Phil Mokate

            I agree, but all the best QBs in the league today started out with a couple rough years before breaking through. The problem with this team is they won’t commit to a player like TP and all the talent he has and room to grow and just let him mature like Breeze or Cam did. A good HC would not still be looking for his QB after OTA’s, training camp, pre-season and 15 games? Hello?

          • J K

            For many First and Second round draft picks QBs it’s one or two years and they are out or relagated to backup.
            I might compare TP to Mike Vick as far as athletic prowess, even tho I think Vick throws a better ball.
            If he could take a page out of Rich Gannon’s book, someone who never threw a pretty ball but always found his man, then he could develop into a consistent threat running and throwing.
            I think he has great ” character” and potential and he is lucky to be on a team that HAS shown great patience as he develops.
            The Raiders need a leader and maybe he is that man, maybe.

  • Pridenpoise

    All these people that want to find reasons to dislike Allen are really reaching with this one. I mean the race card, he didn’t draft him so he doesn’t like him it’s all bullshit, but you can’t argue with people who are in their own world, and are always looking for a conspiracy. It’s like they say you can’t fix stupid.

  • Angel

    Bring in Jon Gruden!!! Give him the organization MD… Or make him part owner. Sounds stupid I know but could you imagine what’d it’d be like.. Hahaha. One can only wish

  • Nick doucher

    The raiders just suck, and have for the last 30 years. This isn’t Dennis Allen’s fault. Commitment to excellent, yeah right more like commitment to losing.

  • Jetlife510

    Dennis allen is afucking chump period! He does not know how to coach hes a bitch and we dont need no bitch made coaches in this orginazation. TP hang in their next year you will have that solid line and stable game play

  • Joe Smith

    PS: raiders fans acting stupid? wow I am shocked, no seriously