Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen on the sideline against the Denver Broncos during the fourth quarter at O.co Coliseum. The Denver Broncos defeated the Oakland Raiders 34-14. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders Rumors: Dennis Allen likely to stay

The Oakland Raiders finished the 2013 season 4-12 after losing rather easily to the Denver Broncos yesterday, but nobody should have expected anything other than a low total of wins and an easy loss to the Broncos for the Raiders this season and in Week 17. This is a team that came into the season without a franchise quarterback and with a horrible defense. There were some people who believed that the Raiders could end up finishing the season without a win, and most analysts believed that the Raiders would be the worst team in the NFL. Well, they didn’t finish last, and they were actually competitive this year and surprised some people like me. Despite a purged roster with little talent, the Raiders managed to always fight out there, and I think credit goes to head coach Dennis Allen for keeping these guys going.

But despite this, there are many fans who believe that Allen should be fired and will be extremely upset at owner Mark Davis if he doesn’t decide to fire him. Nobody knows what Davis is thinking so Allen’s status on Black Monday is still up-in-the-air, but it is worth noting that Davis was unwilling to retain Allen’s assistants when Allen asked. It’s also worth noting, though, that the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that there are strong “signs” that the Raiders will keep Allen.

In my opinion, the Raiders should keep Allen, because firing him would really hurt the Raiders ability to hire a high-level head coach in this offseason. That logic sounds a bit weird, since the whole point of firing a head coach is to get rid of a bad coach, but that’s exactly where the logic starts to make sense. How do you know that Allen is a bad coach? You don’t. It’s impossible to evaluate a guy who is coaching a team filled with fringe-roster players, largely because the main task of the Raiders was to blow it all up, rebuild, start from scratch, purge the roster, and hoard a lot of money under the salary cap to start getting better players. How do you know you are getting an upgrade by firing him? And if you do fire him, the good coaches will say, “But what a minute, if I sign up here then I’m not going to be given enough time to do anything and will be blamed for absolutely everything. I don’t want to be your scapegoat.”

Don’t make Allen your scapegoat, especially when the Raiders are looking better than they did last year at this time.

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  • Matt Mc

    You clearly are not a raider fan nor have you followed this or last season. Please refrain from commenting on things you clearly know nothing about. Allen and McKenzie have done an awful job and if you can’t see that you have no knowledge of the game or how it’s properly managed.

    • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

      So basically I’m an idiot for disagreeing with you and not being a Raiders fan. Got it. Also, whenever you try and discredit someone, make sure to argue the point instead of using random potshots such as “you have no knowledge of the game”. If you want to disagree, I’m all for it. But I also want to learn something. Instead of telling me that I’m an idiot, tell me why Dennis Allen should be fired.

      • Mark from Section 122

        Joe, Allow me to intervene here please. No one called you an idiot, but you do talk like a girl when you say something like, “so basically…”, and then draw some conclusion like he called you an idiot. You lose all credibility when you respond to criticism, even a harsh criticism, like that. I know that sounds a bit male chauvinistic, but sadly I admit I am a bit chauvinistic, and that stems from having a lot of experience talking to females engaging in similar tactics. The female strategy of twisting words around in a conversation to frame an argument by making a statement they then adopt as a fact to place the other person on the defensive is a common tactic. They won’t address the argument, they will first attempt to use their own interpretation to to undermine the original message by changing the tone. ie: “So what you’re saying is….” That tactic is frustrating to the person posing the comment because he obviously said what he meant, and now the responder is stating he said something else and arguing from what they imply is an intellectually or morally higher ground in order to buttress their own position. It is very unbecoming to see another male stoop to using that tactic.

        • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

          I was actually being sarcastic, but I’m glad that you decided to be sexist instead of addressing the topic of the Raiders. It’s also funny how you can judge tone etc. through an Internet comment. I personally don’t mind what you said, but I wish you didn’t bash women like that.

          Go ahead, call me a wimp for that, and I really don’t have a problem with “talking like a girl”, especially when it was actually tough-in-cheek.

      • Pridenpoise

        If you read his other opinions you would clearly see he’s the idiot Joe, who does not know what he’s talking about.

      • Matt Mc

        I never once called you an idiot. I said you clearly havent been following DA orReggie since they were first hired. Reggie and “his man” Allen said from day 1 that the raiders had enough talent to win now and that they woupd build via FAs and the draft. They have failed on all levels with draft picks and FA moves. Reggie is obsessed with signing ex packer burn outs and Allen has failed to mold young players. Reggie took the 5th ranked rush offense and slaughtered it with a terrible OC hire in Knapp. Allen a “defensive specialist” has lead one of the leagues worst defense two years in a row with his choice in Tarver. The defense that has old vets (reggie claimed he was done with old expensive deals and that wont help the rebuild when they all retire in a year) who should be much better but lacks direction and leadership. Allen has also failed to make adjustments and visibly gets out coahed. People argue that he had a rough job to come into and i agree. However, from back to back 8-8 to back to back 4-12 shows great decline. Losing 8 of last 9 games ths season including embarressing divisonal losses in the final three weeks. There is no passsion or discipline to this team. DA is not head coach material. Retaining him would onky show that Davis accepts mediocrity. With all the cap space and high draft picks it would be a shame to watch reggie and allen blow another off season when capable coaches are available who are proven worthy. If oakland blows again this year with personel movesand bad coaching they will never see the plaoffs for another 10-12 years. Time to make a big change and a big namer would be attracted to the situation if given green light to draft and sign his guys and bring in a real coaching staff around him.

        • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

          Thank you, this is exactly what I wanted to see, man. I think there’s a lot more smoke that can be thrown at McKenzie than Allen, because it’s McKenzie’s job to fill out the roster etc. I know that the Raiders main goal has been to scrap the roster, rebuild, and get a better cap situation, but one key component of “rebuilding” is building depth and talent on the roster. Has McKenzie done that? He had better do it this year.

          Both Allen and McKenzie should be given one more year, and 2014 will end up deciding whether or not they both stay. It’s interesting to see that Allen is more on the hot seat than McKenzie, but it’s unsurprising since it’s a lot easier to fire a head coach than a GM.

          I’m not so sure you guys can get a big-name head coach, unless if they really want a challenging task. Also, Greg Knapp was a huge disaster.

          Thanks for the comment, because it was the best-reasoned anti-Allen argument that I have read yet. Seriously, thanks for dropping by, because I felt like I genuinely got something out of that.

          And to all you Raiders fans, happy New Year. Best wishes to the Raiders in 2014, especially since you guys give me enough heartburn in the comments section haha. I can’t imagine how much stress the Raiders give you guys.

      • jon b

        I am all for bringing back Both McKenzie and Allen. McKenzie to see whom he brings back and signs now that he’ll have a real slate to start and work from both FA and Draft wise, to include some young and real talent in the cupboards. Allen to learn from and gain needed experience. Also with some continuity with his coaches and systems. I can give you one reason alone and it’s enough not to bring him back, down late in the 4th qtr against the Chargers we would have had a 4 and 4 or 6 from the mid 20′s a 1st down and eventual touchdown with 8 min to go vs kicking the field goal which is the decision Allen made would’ve been the only correct decision in a season where this young team is 4-10 and had nothing to lose and everthing to gain to include the coach’s confidence. I still agree with lesson’s learned but that’s a lesson you don’t learn as a head coach that’s a inherent trait that comes from a winner!

        • jon b

          Lastly I disagree totally with the opinion that none of the free agents want to play for DA that’s just not true considering the players from this years team support him 100% and there are several who’ve said they were waiting to see if he was brought back before signing extensions or long terms deals. The players have said and continue to say that this coaching staff, specifically DA and DC JT deserve another year with a real roster, depth and continuity to show what they really have to offer this team, the Raiders organization and The Nation (it’s fans).

      • jon b

        As for all this idiot and feminine crude, get it out of here. Time and place, this is neither. The conversation/debate has nothing to do with it and please yes stop with the you/they suck typical replies and bring some reasoning/argument or a real solution. I didn’t think those things were what this discussion is about but apparently it seems to be discussed more than the real topic!

  • Mark from Section 122

    Mark Davis are you out there? How can you have fallen so far from the tree? Like most true silver blooded Raider fans I had my criticisms of Al Davis for being too much of a micro manager and a little too involved in the inner workings of the team. However, you sir are the diametric opposite of your beloved, although slightly tyrannical, dearly departed football genius of a father in that regard. It is understood that when you bring in a new management regime and engage in a rebuild, that there will be a painful period of time when the team stumbles along, when some well liked players and staff are purged for the good of the team, and poor play while a new system is installed.

    But this general manager (GM), his staff, and coaches have sold you a bill of goods. The top is where you start with a complete overhaul. You hire a great GM to run the program and make the correct hiring and scouting decisions to accomplish the corporate mission goals, according to the corporate mission statement. The GM then either reinforces the existing strategies or installs new ones to accomplish the mission goals. The GM then hires a great coach and coaching staff to implement the strategies you have decided on to maintain your individual identity and forward your program.

    Al had a simple but effective mission statement, “Just Win Baby.” He had simple mission goals starting with a “Commitment to Excellence.” The strategies Al used to accomplish those goals included offensive minded head coaches with a love for great linemen, great special teams play, a near demonic, attack happy, aggressive defense, and a balance offense based on the long ball and the big play all built on a solid foundation of an outstanding offensive and defensive line. It also included keeping a bunch of the old culture around and active in the organization to help the legacy continue.

    The GM here hasn’t shown any flickers of greatness in his administration. A great coach takes the existing talent and then builds a program and team around that talent to showcase and amplify it. You don’t install a program and then try to make your talent fit your program. That is idiotic, egotistical, a waste of resources and quite frankly displays ineptitude on the part of the coach. Dennis Allen is inept in that regard. Does he know a lot about football? Unquestionably. Is he capable of play calling, organizing a practice, teaching X’s and O’s, breaking down film and developing players? No doubt. Is he a great leader, can he adapt his idea of a perfect program to match his players’ skill sets and take advantage of the hand he was dealt to improve his chances of winning? HELL NO. Allen is a coach, he’s just not a great coach. This has been evidenced over two seasons while he stubbornly has been wasting talent by forcing star players to fit whatever his idea was for a game plan. You don’t use the best downhill runner in the league in a Zone Blocking scheme. Knapp sold Allen a bill of goods, Allen sold Mckensie a bill of goods and they all got Mark Davis to drink the Koolaid and they wasted McFadden. You don’t take what could potentially be one of the best read option QB’s of all time and try to force him to become a pocket passer. You don’t break up what was arguably the greatest holder/kicker tandem and also the best punter and kicker in the NFL for the meager amount of money it saved by sending Lechler to Houston. You don’t trade or waive great young talent you can build around like Michael Bush, Brandon Meyers, Samson Satele, and Matt Shaugnessey and start completely over from scratch. You don’t waste good. You don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. If you do get rid of talent you don’t replace it with some player of equal or lesser talent unless it saves you a huge amount of needed money. If you are any kind of a great coach, you keep the foundation then reinforce and build around it. You then adapt your system to fit your players. You don’t let some “has been” assistant coach like Knapp sell you on a losing strategy because some other team has used that system successfully, and then doggedly hold onto it when it fails.

    When you identify an exceptional talent that you overlooked, you don’t ignore it. It was clear that the only real superstars the Raiders had on offense were Reece and Pryor, but neither could achieve to their full potential because of Allen and company refusing to build around their talents. In fact, it appeared to me that Allen actually resented Pryor and especially was embarrassed after he proved Allen wrong. It looked like Allen jumped on the chance to bench and hamstring Pryor after his injury because he didn’t fit Allen’s idea of a QB, even though he was the one guy that gave the Raiders the best chance to win.

    So, Mark Davis, if you are out there, it is time for a little of your father’s DNA to surface. Take charge, help the Raiders hold onto their identity. Get rid of these bums and start over with some good managers and coaches who can work with what you have and add to it. Two years with these guys was enough.

    • Mark from Section 122

      Now, if I may respond to why Allen should be fired or why he is a bad coach, you may refer to what I posted in reply to your original article. He is not great NFL head coach material. He doesn’t inspire confidence, he cannot apparently recognize talent and adapt his system to make use of it, he doesn’t have the experience that a head coach needs to be a head coach in the NFL, he doesn’t take charge of his subordinates and he allows his coordinators to continually make the same errors over and over without intervening. Those are just chief among his shortcomings. He has totally wasted two years of a rebuild and essentially successfully engaged in two years of demolition. Now he is in jeopardy of losing even the few good talented players the Raiders have acquired under his dubious tenure.

      • Michael DeClue

        Mark you couldnt have said nothing but perfect here ive been saying this to people where i live.DA isnt a coach to me he’s to me a DC I would love to see Cowher on the Sidelines now i know he will let someone know if they screwing up and not just hold a Clip board like he does know lol.Just my opinion RM i would let him do his Contract but pls get us cowher u will Def see a turn around there.

      • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

        Mark, I’m hoping you guys can keep Lamarr Houston and Jared Veldheer, especially since you guys can’t afford to lose your two best players. Sadly, Houston didn’t sound too optimistic when talking about his future in Oakland.

        • Mark from Section 122

          Well they have a ton of money, and hopefully will hold onto Veldheer and go after a first round tackle in the draft. If they can get another pass rusher with their next pick, hold onto Houston, Woodson, and Jenkins, then pick up a decent veteran QB in free agency, that would be good. As much potential as McFadden has, it’s time to cut him loose, because he just can’t stay healthy and isn’t worth the bucks, I hope they keep Jennings and of course they still have Reece. Walker, Porter are iffy in my book and a little overpriced, there could be some cap room gained there. Maybe enough to get another good RB. The receiving corps is looking good with Holmes, Streater, Rivera, Bulter and D. Moore. A real good wideout in free agency would be awesome. Linebackers are solid too with Sio Moore, Roach, Burnett and Burris. A good cover corner and a pass rusher DE would be valuable pickups in free agency. So, if they can pick up some solid players in the draft for O and D line, then pick up one or two superstars on both sides of the ball in free agency along with a veteran QB, they might be building towards a playoff run. But based on what I’ve seen so far from DA, I’m not so hot on him running the show. I think they’ll likely keep Houston, but his agent might try to price him up knowing how much cash the Raiders have. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.

          • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

            The Raiders definitely need to add a No. 1 CB, and I think keeping Houston and adding a solid DE is a great policy. I would also go for one more solid LB, since I don’t trust Roach as a starter. If they can get a No. 1 WR to add to the fold with Moore and Streater, then the offense could be in business with a legit QB.

  • Pridenpoise

    I think it’s very easy to say fire the coach at the end of an unsuccessful season, I however am tired of starting anew every two years, it would be unfair to fire Allen without giving him the opportunity to start building this team, now that there is money to spend and another decent draft. I find it laughable that people are actually calling for the firing of this guy, when he has had nothing to work with, I don’t give a shit who the coach is, the roster the past two years is void of talent period. I am not a big Reggie fan but I’m also aware that he cannot be judged after two seasons of basically dumping bad contracts, and 1 draft where we had no picks until the 3rd round. As for this a years draft I would say it’s a little early to call Hayden and Watson busts, they also need time. I have been a long suffering fan and patience is not one of my virtues, but in this case I’m willing to give these guys another season.

  • Lee

    Wow, I’m thinking Mark from Section 122 is wasting his talents by sitting in the stands watching the game. It’s clear that his abundant scouting talents and total understanding of the in’s and out’s of running an NFL team are not being properly utilized. I truly cannot believe that MD isn’t working with ticketing to get your contact information so that he can replace RM right away. Resign DMAC, get TP2 lined up as the franchise QB and we are golden. This is great as I’ve been a fan for over 40 years and can’t wait to see him lead us tot he promised land right away. Too bad we already lost out on Rolando McClain to lead the defense. Maybe Mark from Section 122 can get him back. Rout is still out there, let’s get him back also. Damn, we are almost there.

    • Mark from Section 122

      Your pitiful attempt at sarcasm is disappointing, you left out Jamarcus Russell. If you are going to take ludicrous jumps to attempt to show disdain for an opinion, you, (especially as a 40 year fan), shouldn’t have missed the most obvious illustration. You also misspelled Routt.

  • Stanley Carr

    If you r a fa y d fuck would u come to oakland with a coach with one year left on his contract and back to back 4-12 seasons! No one is gonna come play for this weasel, blames everybody an everything but his coaching!!!

  • Hangtownie

    Yeah new administration ever other year will help us build a powerhouse. Cause all great GM’s and coaches want to work for a team that turns over management every 2 years.

  • Scott N Liz Barnes

    We’ll let me add something to this, Andy Reed got fired by the eagles and went to the chiefs and turned that team around in ONE year to a contender with not much change to the roster. Allen had two years and the same lame 4-12 record. So that tells me that Allen isn’t a good coach and should be gone.

    • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

      Compare the Chiefs roster talent (Eric Berry, Brandon Flowers, Derrick Johnson, Hali and Houston, Poe, Albert, Charles etc.) to the Raiders talent. It’s not even close.

  • rioderek

    The a clueless HC like DA the Raiders will only appeal to desperate free agents simply looking to stay in the league No player with options will look to play for a proven loser who has no ability to maximize the talents of his players. DA run a vanilla system is every way shape and form. He’s out coached EVERY week and has the command presence of a deer in headlights.