Mike Munchak watches from the sidelines against the Houston Texans during the second half at LP Field. The Titans won 16-10. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Munchak will get interview with Detroit Lions

Former Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak had a chance to sign an extension with the team, but the stipulation was that he would have to fire the majority of the staff. In an honorable move, Munchak balked, but it’s still incredible to think that the Titans were prepared to keep a head coach who had a mediocre, disappointing tenure in his three seasons. That said, he’s not a bad coach (even though it was time for the Titans to move on from him), and it’s not surprising to hear that he’s getting looks from other teams.

ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that the Detroit Lions will interview Munchak on Friday, and it’s becoming clear that the Lions are leaning towards a head coach who has experience leading an NFL team. Munchak looks like the Lions consolation prize if they can’t land San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, who is the clear favorite for the job but remains in the playoffs. Whisenhunt is one of the top candidates around, with a Super Bowl appearance with the Arizona Cardinals being a top mark on his resume.

The Lions really need a head coach who can help take Matthew Stafford to the next level, because all Stafford needs is fine-tuning in order to make the most out of his elite arm talent. Whisenhunt is better than Munchak had working with and developing quarterbacks, but we’ll see what shakes out in Detroit.

Munchak played college football with the Penn State Nittany Lions, and he’s a top candidate for their head coaching vacancy.

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  • Buck Stodgers

    “…all Stafford needs is fine-tuning …”

    And since he has already said he has no plans to look into off-season quarterback coaching, why on earth would any coach want to work with him? His problem is he doesn’t think that *he* is the problem.

    • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

      I get where you are coming from, but I see things differently. Because Stafford is unwilling to have a QB guru work with him, he needs a strong head coach who can and will push him to be better.

      • Buck Stodgers

        I see it as endemic of the problems with the Lions in general. The problem is always something out of their control. They need to take control, personally, each and every one of them. Coaches can’t force that sense of responsibility. A $100m player should have it in spades.

        Just look at the postgame comments of Aaron Rodgers vs. Andy Dalton. Both lost last week. Both could have helped the team win. But Aaron took ownership, Andy deferred responsibility. It’s not just words, it is a mentality.