Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) before a game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Sean McVay wants to work on RG3's footwork

The Washington Redskins new HC-OC duo to replace the Shanahans is former Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Gruden and a young up-and-comer at offensive coordinator in Sean McVay, who was formerly the Redskins tight ends coach before the promotion. The biggest task for both Gruden and McVay is coaxing a big third year out of Robert Griffin III that is much closer in production to his rookie year than disappointing 2013 campaign. Improved health from RG3 will help, but the duo need to make sure that Griffin is a more polished passer who displays better technique and makes better decisions out there.

A lot of broadcasters and analysts will say that a quarterback’s success starts with his feet, and it’s a very true statement. If you’ve ever watched Peyton Manning in detail, you’ll see that his footwork is supreme; his feet always mirror his body, they are always moving, and there aren’t any wasted movements. It’s a lot more difficult for running quarterbacks to have that kind of footwork, but it’s even more important for a running QB to have composed feet.

Sean McVay spoke about the Redskins running game yesterday, but I found his quotes about RG3 to be far more interesting. Here’s what he said, via ESPN NFL Nation’s John Keim, “With any player, especially at quarterback, I don’t care if you’re talking Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or Drew Brees you want to make sure to continue to hammer down the fundamentals and it all starts with your feet. Everything starts with footwork.”

Yup, McVay is also among those who believes that footwork is of the utmost importance, and young quarterbacks who struggle with consistency like RG3 and, to a lesser extent, Matthew Stafford have poor footwork. With improved technique, composure, and decision-making, RG3 could truly fulfill his potential as an elite QB in this league.

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