Gary Kubiak looks down against the New England Patriots before the game at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Kubiak not expected to be Cleveland Browns OC

The Cleveland Browns have hired former New York Jets and Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine as their next head coach, and it’s a hire that is difficult not to like. Although Pettine isn’t a big name, he had big-time success with the Jets and Bills organizations, and his work this past season definitely jumps off the page. Under Pettine’s guidance, former first-round bust Jerry Hughes had a double-digit sack season in his first year with the Bills and clearly benefited as an outside linebacker in Pettine’s hybrid 3-4 scheme. Leodis McKelvin has steadily improved in each season in the league, and he finally banked on his shutdown potential this season with a very solid campaign.

There’s little doubt that Pettine works well with players and is a brilliant mind on defense, but he doesn’t have head coaching experience or extensive expertise on the offensive side of the ball. Thus, the Browns hire at offensive coordinator is crucial, and one name they have shown interest in is former Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak.

That would definitely be a dream hire for the Browns, but it is unsurprisingly an unlikely scenario. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that even though the Browns are interested, it is “unlikely” for Kubiak to end up in Cleveland. It will be interesting to see who else is on the Browns short list, but one name that has been linked to the team is Green Bay Packers running backs coach Alex Van Pelt.

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  • Gary

    Here it starts. Now nobody wants to be one of the Browns Coordinators.

  • Letterman007

    Alex Van Pelt was made QB coach in Green Bay and won’t be coming to the Browns. He took the place of McAdo , who became N Y Giants OC. Now who do they turn to?

    • Joe Soriano

      Thanks for the heads up. I’m not sure what the Browns should do at OC, and it’s definitely murky water for Pettine and the organization. We all know they have to make the right hire, but it’s incredibly difficult to pinpoint the right guy. At least Pettine is a smart coach who is easy to work with, so an OC wouldn’t mind working under him at all.

      Kubiak was always a “pipe dream” hire for Cleveland, so I wouldn’t predict doom-and-gloom for the Browns at OC just based on Kubiak’s expected rejection.

      • Letterman007

        It will be interesting to see who they come up with? If they draft, or when they do, a QB they will also need a d- good quarterback coach too!! Everybody liked Turner, but I was miffed with quite a few of his offensive calls and as far as a QB guru, he didn’t much with Weed-be-gone!!

        • Joe Soriano

          If they don’t draft a QB, then they are only hurting themselves. Turner is a great OC, but I don’t think highly of his ability to develop QBs. Not sure who is out there for him, but it’s definitely critical for them to get a guy who can call plays and develop QBs. I mean, it’s why the Lions got a steal when they took Joe Lombardi away from the Saints to be their OC.

          • Letterman007

            I’m just not sold on the QB’s available being worth a high first round choice!! I see no Andrew Luck or even a RGIII ! I hate overspending for a quarterback as we have done so often. There are so many holes that need filling and there are a lot of good players, other than QBs, that might be better pick ups with both those first round picks!!
            I have no idea who they could tap for the offensive coordinators job? You are probably correct that Kubiak was a pipe dream!!
            Maybe get a QB in the second or with one of the third round picks and sit him behind Hoyer and let him learn. Maybe Garopolo or see how far some of them drop? It just scares me to waste another high pick and the other teams in the North Division get better. There are better QBs in the draft next year too

          • Joe Soriano

            Andrew Luck was a once-in-a-generation QB, and there is almost never that kind of a QB. Sure you guys have other needs, but none of them are as gaping as QB. Plus, there’s the value of QBs; it’s so hard to find good ones outside of the 1st round. I wouldn’t reach for Manziel, but I think taking a guy like Derek Carr (or Bortles if he slips a tad) and starting Hoyer for the first year would be be best. No need is as gaping as QB, and the Browns should draft one high since they have two first-round picks. If you guys don’t, then you could end up with a mediocre one. Some second and third-round QBs pan out, but the vast majority of them sadly don’t.

          • Letterman007

            Unfortunately, we’ve experienced both early and late round failures! From Quinn and Weeden to McCoy and Frye, we had the gambit of poor choices and it makes you gun shy! I know we need a franchise QB and there may be no team in the league that deserves one more, but with Banner and Lombardi doing the choosing , it scares me even more!!! I don’t trust either one further than I can spit into a head wind!!! Look at their past record? The one offensive player they get last year to help is Devon Best, come on the guy’s got some real problems and would you trust him to get your Franchise QB??