Dec 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett watches his players before the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at AT

Are The Cowboys Keeping Bill Callahan So He Can Become Interim Head Coach?

Why in the world would the Dallas Cowboys deny offensive coordinator Bill Callahan from interviewing with other teams for their openings at the same position. The Cowboys just hired former Detroit Lions offensive coordinator to call the plays for the Cowboys and Callahan is just an offensive coordinator in name only. He doesn’t have that power to call plays anymore. Does he even get a head set on the sideline?

There are some rumors flying though. The Cowboys are keeping Callahan around as a possible safety net for the possible firings of Jason Garrett…. possibly.


Sounds like a whole lot of crazy going on in Dallas right now in the front office. Jerry Jones needs to sort that mess out!

How many offensive coordinators can Jerry gather together to run the offense? Why didn’t he just add Norv Turner onto the staff while he was at it? Does Jerry know that the defense was the biggest problem from last season?

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  • Old Frog

    Garrett haters are going to have to decide which is more important, being successful and making the playoffs are doing poorly and hoping Garrett gets fired. If the Boys get to the playoffs JG gets a contract extension and all his detractors will be very disappointed. If Garrett gets fired it’s because we did poorly next season and nobody really wants that. Quite the dilemma. Be careful what you wish for.

    • Ernie Padaon

      i went through the same situation with the Chargers a couple of seasons ago with Norv Turner running the show. Everyone wanted him fired, but during the season, we all just wanted to win. We couldn’t root for a poor season while he was coaching, but we still wanted him out. We sat through a few years with Norv ruining the team and the first year he is gone, we made the playoffs.

    • Eric Ballard

      If Garrett gets fired I guarantee he will never be a head coach anywhere again.

  • Earl Robertson

    If Callahan becomes coach then Jerry jones is stupider then I thought he was

    • Eric Ballard

      Come on he hired Garrett didn’t he? A lifelong backup qb who is the epitome of mediocrity. I don’t think he can get more stupid than that

  • Scott.

    Jason Garrett or Bill Callahan… Way to go Jerry, way to put your organization into a situation where Callahan is your option if Garrett is removed. Why would anyone expect anything more from this below average gm. No one with credible head coaching experience would come coach this once prideful organization.

    • Eric Brooks

      Hey Scott,
      don’t buy into the hype! This guy is just pulling at straws to get someone to
      read his tweets. They are probably keeping this guy around because of what he
      has done for this O-line and the running game. Another possibility is that
      because at least two other teams are rumored to want this guy as an OC, they
      could be holding out for compensation. Read this article, this is the most
      plausible explanation for the Linehan hire :

      • Scott.

        I thought about the holding out for compensation angle, but unless a team really wants Callahan and then if they do the compensation would be a 6th or 7th. Just think they need to get some of the egos out of their. The first below average game romo has the media will spin it, Callahan or lineham calling the plays. Nothing better for rating than a contreversary in big D.

        • Eric Brooks

          You are right about that media spin and I’m not all that comfortable about having a possible disgruntled employee hanging around throwing salt into the game. The press will always find a way to criticize the Cowboys, they just have to ignore the noise and do what is best for the team. The Callahan situation may not be over, it still early in the off season