Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) at a press conference at The Westin in advance of Super Bowl XLVIII. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Kaepernick has choice words for Richard Sherman

San Francisco 49ers star quarterback Colin Kaepernick is one of the most quiet players in the NFL, and he rarely ever draws attention to himself, with the exception of when he strangely wore a Miami Dolphins cap (and then a bunch of people exaggerated it to the point where the story became sickening to read). He’s also a classy dude, as evidenced by his comments to Seattle Seahawks star QB Russell Wilson following the 49ers last-gasp NFC Championship Game loss.

All of his makes Kaepernick’s comments directed at Seahawks outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman all the more surprising, but it also isn’t surprising to hear him defend his top wide receiver in Michael Crabtree, who isn’t a “mediocre” receiver. For the record, I’m not someone who hates Sherman at all, but I was honestly glad to hear Kaep fire back.

The New York Post’s excellent Bart Hubbuch recently had an exclusive interview with the bicep-kissing QB, and he was kind enough to leak out some interesting quotes before publishing the piece. Below are a couple of them, and they can all be found on Hubbuch’s Twitter account.

“His comments were ridiculous. If you have to tell people how good you are, then how good are you really?”

Great point.

“He’s afraid of our receivers, and that’s something I’m looking forward to [exploiting] next year.”

That might be too strong of a take, but I like his confidence. Then again, that same kind of confidence caused him to throw it into Sherman’s wheelhouse on that play…but he has a rebuttal for that one.

“If I throw that ball one foot farther, it’s a TD and now you’re the goat, Richard Sherman.”

OK, that wasn’t the best rebuttal, but the important thing is that he took the blame away from Crabtree and put it on himself like a team player. Then again, it might just be a personal statement, since he didn’t mention Crabtree by name.

“Did that make you feel better about yourself? Then go ahead. Because I’m not worried about you.”

This comment was in response to Sherman’s somewhat classless choke sign following the play. The rhetorical question was well-executed by Kaepernick, but that last sentence could come back to bite him.

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  • Guest

    Kaep be like…

    • Joe Soriano

      Nice one!

  • Matthew Scheer

    If only I threw it just a bit further you’re the goat! HA!!!! Football isn’t a game of what ifs!

    • Don

      When did a game of inches become a game of “if”‘s. Khockernick

  • Justin Bock

    Kaep wishes he had a quarter of the Talent Sherman does.

  • cowgirlbellydancer

    And yet he didn’t throw a foot farther. It’s done. Drop it.

  • Dalton Newell

    Yeah ok but it wasn’t a foot further Kaep. You underthrew it and Sherman made the play so shut the f up and sit down.

  • Heather Not So…

    So sad

  • Ryan Romano

    Kap is so classy he ran off the

  • Ryan Romano

    BTW he shook hands after the other game, ya know when he won. Least classy QB in the NFL after Vick.


    Joe what a joke. U lost me as soon as u said he rarely draws attention to himself. Claiming keap is u dont know shit do u? That same dude kisses his bicept for the camera made a mockery of cam newtons td dance by discracing it infront of millions upon millions of people. U r just triin to stir the pot because sherman is the real deal. Stats speak for themselves. GO HAWKS SUPER BOWL 48 CHAMPS 42 16 EAT IT JOE

    • Joe Soriano

      I’m not anti-Sherman, nor am I anti-Seahawks, and I thought I made it clear by poking fun at some of the comments that Kaepernick made that I disagreed with and by linking to an article in which I vehemently defend Sherman. I don’t hate anyone, so don’t try to “stir the pot” in your own way by making it look like I have it out for someone. I don’t. I respect both Sherman and Kaep, and I respect the 49ers and Seahawks. There’s no bias here, and I actually have the ‘Hawks winning the SB.

      • Adam Nelson

        It’s cool, man. I thought it was a pretty fair article. I’m a die hard Hawks fan and I think most fans on both sides are making this into something more than what it is. The Hawks and Niners got beef with each other. It’s no surprise that some of the players are gonna trash talk each other, just let it be between them.

        • Joe Soriano

          I completely agree that the trash talk is fine, because that just comes with the territory when a heated rivalry is involved, and it makes the best rivalry in sports (right now, imo) even better. I’m glad Kaep and Sherman are speaking their minds, and we sometimes forget that athletes are humans who deserve to air their opinions too. I’ve never found fault in either player, and I do agree that some fans get a bit too caught up in their allegiances. But I definitely understand that, since the loyalty that fans of the Seahawks and 49ers show is awesome to see, and it just makes their organizations even stronger haha.

          Thanks for dropping by and for the kind words, Adam. It’s nice to see that at least one person doesn’t hate me, but I’ll admit that I messed up a bit by calling Kaepernick “one of the quietest players in the NFL”. Kaep is actually pretty quiet, but I exaggerated it.

          • Ryan Romano

            It is fine if you think Kap is a “classy dude”. Just expect a bunch of Seahawkfans to mention that he has about as much class in his whole body and Wilson has in his pinky finger. You are making your opinion known; just don’t expect any Seahawk fans to agree with you. Kap lost my respect when he walked off the field without shaking hands with Wilson after the 29-3 game, but then expected Wilson
            to shake his hand when he was victorious in the rematch later in the year. I probably put too much emphasis on the hand shake, but please give us some examples of how Kap has shown his class in public. Examples of Wilsons classare in your face (children’s hospital visits, charity events, fan outreach). From an outsiders perspective, buying a bunch of shoes and kissing your bicep doesn’t exactly scream class.

          • Joe Soriano

            Russell Wilson might be the most classy player in the league, and I have honestly yet to meet someone who dislikes him. Wilson is awesome indeed.

      • Sean Bradley

        I think you did a good job on this Joe, with the exception of the claim that Kaepernick doesn’t draw attention to himself, I think that one is questionable. Have you seen his Twitter pics of his shoe collection or sports cars? He’s a bit of an egomaniac and stomping off the field while pouting after a loss isn’t exactly subtle. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the article and Colin’s quotes, they provided me with great material…I didn’t see any bias from you.

        • Joe Soriano

          Thanks, Sean. I will reiterate that I exaggerated Kaepernick’s quietness, and that’s something I’ve already admit to and will admit to again.

      • Douglas Sears

        You are the worst kind of liar one who won’t admit it when he is exposed for real You obviously have strong urges for the 40 whiners and just believe what those asswipes at ESPN tell you to believe If you had watched even just the last 2 months of games by the Seahawks this season it would be clear to you unless you just have it so bad for Harbaugh’s little bullies.

    • 503 Seahawks pride <—«

      kaep is a sore loser / poor sport.. He couldn’t grab the ring last year because he shouldn’t have been there to begin with. he rightfully lost the division crown this year. his sense of entitlement is gonna be his demise.he has a long way to go before he can claim greatness. so look for another spankin next season. You know what they say about the bay…?! Seahawks win..

    • Ryan Hansen

      Joes a troll, all this evil hawks propaganda is bullshit. Glad someone agrees this article was incorrect from the first sentence. Hawks all day!
      fyi this whole sherm/crabtree would’ve never escalated had crabtree had some class and shook sherms hand. Would have been “hellova game”…”yup you got me on this one” no choke sign, no rant.
      So in conclusion, the media sucks…. especially hacks like joe schmoe here

  • Steve Gilmore

    Kaep is a sore loser, and your points about Sherman are just silly. There are many examples of athletes talking about how good they are, and they generally back it up with whatever sport that they play.

    • Joe Soriano

      What points about Sherman? If you read the piece linked here, you’ll see that I have a high amount of respect for him:

      The sad part is these days writers will get shelled by fans of both teams for not being on “their” side, even though it’s quite clear that I’m not siding with anyone.

  • Jamie Koehmstedt

    “Colin Kaepernick is one of the most quiet players in the NFL, and he rarely ever draws attention to himself” and

    “He’s also a classy dude”

    “an exclusive interview with the bicep-kissing QB” <<< Again REALLY?!?!?

    That is classless and he needs to take a lesson in communication from Sherman!

    At least Sherman tells it like it is right then and there. Kaep has to wait until an interview to have an opinion on it and defend Crabtree????

    “He’s afraid of our receivers, and that’s something I’m looking forward to [exploiting] next year.”

    You had what…. 3 shots to prove it this year and you still CHOKED! I think it is you Mr. Kaep that is afraid of HIM!!! LOB baby! They got you on speed dial!

    • Sean Bradley

      My favorite line is he’s one of the quietest players in the NFL and rarely draws attention to himself. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Sean Bradley

    I read some fiction to my daughter last night, but if I would have had these quotes from Colin I think I would have had a good laugh with her over this instead. “His comments were ridiculous. If you have to tell people how good you are, then how good are you really?” Are you not telling everybody how good you are when you kiss your biceps or mock Cam Newton? Oh, I get it, you’re not using words so it’s different. “He’s afraid of our receivers, and that’s something I’m looking forward to [exploiting] next year.” Hahahahahaha, this is WAY better than Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan! “If I throw that ball one foot farther, it’s a TD and now you’re the goat, Richard Sherman.” If Mister Brown Can Moo, Can you? If Snow White hadn’t eaten the apple, would she have married a dwarf instead of a prince? “Did that make you feel better about yourself? Then go ahead. Because I’m not worried about you.” Good story Colin, we all buy it…you’re not worried about Sherman, except you are.

    • Don

      That’s why he plays for the SF Whiners

  • Yo Rakhan


    • Sean Bradley


  • Mark Gilbert

    Well so kissing your bicep whenever you score or do something good is what? is that pretty much like you said about someone who talks it,,, you just act yours out is all…. get another tattoo somewhere so it will remind you of this moment as well,, the time you put your foot in your mouth,,,, should have just said nothing at all Kap

  • B Starr

    Um….you say “great point” on the first comment, but that was far from a great point….saying he is the best does not make his skill questionable. How good can he really be? He’s the best. That’s just a fact.

    • B Starr

      But other than that I don’t take issue with anything else. Great write-up.

      • Joe Soriano

        Thanks, and I think my comments on that first quote may have come off wrong; Sherman is the best CB.

  • Jason Wolf

    Kaepernick’s Super Stardom comes and goes with wins and losses. When he beats Jacksonville, Rams, Titans, Buccaneers and many other bad teams for a 5 game win streak 49er fans love him but when he plays any team worth mention it’s where is Alex Smith? Why did we let him go. Kaepernick you have no touch. No one fears you. Middle of the pack at his position. Not a super star.

  • Jason Wolf

    Who cares what Mediocrenick thinks anyways. He runs fast and doesnt have much else.

    • Don

      So true

  • Kyle Loy

    So Squidward isn’t scared of Sherm huh? Why does he avoid him all game then? He’s not that good huh? He was targeted the least amount of any CB and has the MOST interceptions. When you see Craptree talk about Sherm he looks completely dejected and mentally beaten down… Just like Squid ward… head down looking like they lost their puppy. Those guys act like they are entitled compared to majority of hawks that had to scratch and claw their way to where they are at.

    • Don


  • mjayace

    “and he rarely ever draws attention to himself,” SAY WHAT? “the bicep-kissing QB” & six million tatoos and looking like a hip hop artist at a post game press conference when all the other QBs are professional in suits is not exactly “rarely drawing attention” to one’s self… LOL what is this author smoking?

  • chris joy

    Colin Kaepernick is a non issue., who cares what He has to say.

  • Don

    The whole 40whiner organization with the exception of a few are classless.

  • tate

    Ha this writer must be either native or ignorant. Jus because kaep has shown class doesnt mean he is. Did he forget Kaepernick mocking Newton in the Divisional round? Those guys used to be combine roommates

  • buster

    The end result. ..Seahawks AND Richard Sherman are in Super bowl! !

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  • Magnia Boyo

    Super Bowl 2014 Teams Songs – EP by Golden Boy (Fospassin) On itunes

  • Douglas Sears

    Joe you are the worst kind of ass kisser one who shows up late to the party and has no clue who’s ass to slobber on. First of all Kaep or whatever your little pet name for him is might have let you tag along behind him and his posse but he is old news and because you have no clue what team dominated the other this season let me spell it out for you it was Seattle just because he ONLY turned it over three times this time doesn’t mean he has figured it out remember they were the last three times they had the ball this season and they were the three most important possessions they had all year.

  • Carlee Mason

    This is ridiculous. The one time Sherman goes a little crazy with his words, he gets ridiculed for it; its not like this is the first time someone has ever done this. Also, if you stand by the point that this was “immature” and a “self absorbed” move by Sherman, then it’s also ridiculous for Kaep to say anything about this when he has nothing to do with it; Sherman apologized for his outburst. Sorry 49ers fans, but it is the truth; he is technically the “best”. As if its that big of a deal that he said that, but hes more educated and more intelligent than half of the people, and/or football players, that are making remarks on his only “freak out”. Plus, most people don’t even know the back story to this. Sherman freaked out because they shoved a camera in his face, right after the Crabtree hitting him in the face (which was way worse than anything Sherman did; and even if Sherman said anything rude, Crabtree made himself look like an ass, no matter what, by doing that), on top of that, Sherman “vowed” to embarrass Crabtree after Sherman went to shake Crabtree’s hand and Crabtree started to pick a fight. But, weeks later, lets continue to freak out over this; butt hurt 49ers fans…

    • Joe Soriano

      I never said “self-absorbed” at any point in the article or comments, so I have no idea where you pulled that quote from. Heck, I’ve never really said anything against Sherman.

      • Carlee Mason

        I’m not talking about you at all; this is directed at the people who have said that. I have read that in many articles. I’m not criticizing your article at all. Some of this was in response to others who posted on here.

        • Joe Soriano

          OK, sorry for jumping to that conclusion haha. There are indeed plenty of people who have said that about Sherman, and it is quite irksome.

  • Suzy

    What a waste of time reading this. It said jack crap. CRAP for KRAEPERNICK and CRAPTREE.


  • JackBraxton

    Kaep, just leave it alone. You’re just going to make yourself look bad making comments like this. If Sherman was truly afraid of SF receivers like you say, he would not have gone on his post-game rant. Period. Also, stop kissing your biceps on the field. It makes you look like a total douche.

    • Don

      Kissing Bicep makes him feel better