2014 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

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Number 17: Baltimore Ravens – Zack Martin OT – Notre Dame

After their Super Bowl victory the Baltimore Ravens gutted their team. While they have done a nice job rebuilding the team so far, there are still a few spots on this team that can be upgraded. One of the biggest spots that this team has to replace is the offensive line. They just gave Joe Flacco one of the biggest contracts in the history of the league. You would think that the Ravens would do a little something to go out and protect him. Martin is a versatile lineman who can play multiple spots on the line.

Number 18: New York Jets – Marquise Lee WR – Southern California

The Jets desperately need another receiver for Geno Smith. Santonio Holmes recently said he is willing to take a pay cut to stay with the team. While that is good news for the Jets, they still lack a real offensive threat. Marquise Lee is one of the best receivers in this year’s draft and could provide Smith with a nice outside weapon.

Number 19: Miami Dolphins – Cyrus Kouandjio OT – Alabama

The Miami Dolphins have been one of the most talked about teams in the National Football League as of late and unfortunately it hasn’t been for the right reasons. With the Wells Report finally coming out, the already big need for an offensive lineman became even bigger. Cyrus Kouandjio is a very experienced lineman on a very experienced team. Although he is a rookie, Kouandjio could come into Miami and be the best player and leader of the offensive line. He has the leadership trait and that is something Miami needs more than anything.

Number 20: Arizona Cardinals – Jace Amaro TE – Texas Tech

This is an interesting pick for the Arizona Cardinals. Most of their tight ends are set to hit the open market this offseason. While they do have other needs that they might want to address in the first round, Amaro would really complete their offense.

Number 21: Green Bay Packers – Ra’Shede Hageman DT – Minnesota 

The Green Bay Packers defense really struggled for the better part of last season. One of their biggest problems was the play that they have received up front. Hageman is one of the more physical front seven players in this year’s draft. The Packers would definitely love to have a player with the traits that Hageman possesses on their roster.

Number 22: Philadelphia Eagles – Kony Ealy DE – Missouri

The Philadelphia Eagles will be looking to upgrade their pass rush this offseason. Last season, Trent Cole was the only player on the Eagles who generated a consistent pass rush. The problem with Cole is he will be due 10 million dollars in 2015. The Eagles should have a pass rusher from the University of Missouri as their top pick on their big board. No, I’m not talking about Michael Sam – I am talking about Kony Ealy. Ealy shot up everyone’s draft boards as last season progressed. Ealy would tremendously help the Eagles instable pass rush.

Number 23: Kansas City Chiefs – Kelvin Benjamin WR – Florida State

The Kansas City Chiefs had one of the best offenses in the league last season. That still shouldn’t stop them from snagging Kelvin Benjamin at the 23rd spot. Benjamin is a receiver that possesses traits that most teams look for in a receiver. He has the size, speed and athleticism to really contribute to this offense. Plus, the Dwayne Bowe era in Kansas City looks as if it might be coming to an abrupt end in the near future.

Number 24: Cincinnati Bengals – Antonio Richardson OT – Tennessee

The Cincinnati Bengals don’t really have too many holes. However, one position that they can upgrade a bit is their offensive line. Antonio Richardson is the best remaining tackle in the draft.

Number 25: San Diego Chargers – Marcus Roberson CB – Florida

Despite making the playoffs, the Chargers still have some work to do in their secondary. Marcus Roberson out of the University of Florida is one of the more NFL ready cornerbacks. While Roberson didn’t have such a big statistically year, he has extraordinary coverage skills. Those coverage skills will dramatically increase the chances of him getting drafted in the first round. It seems like a match made in heaven for both sides.

Number 26: Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis) – Jordan Matthews WR – Vanderbilt

Now that the Browns have a quarterback, they need to go get him some more toys. The combination of Manziel, Gordon, Cameron and Matthews could be quite the unit. They still need a running back to complete their offense, but Matthews would be a very reliable option for a young Manziel.

Number 27: New Orléans Saints – Dee Ford DE – Auburn

Dee Ford was by far the best pass rusher on Auburn last season. If you look back to the National Title game you would see that he completely dominated Florida State’s right tackle. He is very quick and has a great edge moves. New Orléans had a pretty good pass rush last season. Adding Dee Ford can potentially take their pass rush to the next level.

Number 28: Carolina Panthers – Justin Gilbert CB – Oklahoma State

With Captain Munnerlyn’s contract expired, the Carolina Panthers could have a potential hole to fill. Justin Gilbert is one of the best cornerbacks in the draft and could instantly play a huge role on this team.

Number 29: New England Patriots – Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE – Washington

Well, Tom Brady was able to get through an entire season with a college quarterback as his best receiver. Although Edelman came up huge for New England, the AFC Championship game proved to everyone that the Patriots need some extra receiving help. With Hernandez gone forever and Gronkowski constantly finding himself on the injury report, the Patriots need to sure up the tight end position. Brady loves his tight ends and he will quickly fall in love with Jenkins.

Number 30: San Francisco 49’ers – Jason Verrett CB – Texas Christian

The 49’ers could really benefit from adding a young cornerback to the roster. Carlos Rogers isn’t getting any younger and has even had some injury issues throughout the playoffs. They need help at the corner position and Verrett is a very good coverage corner.

Number 31: Denver Broncos – Ryan Shazier LB – Ohio State

Ryan Shazier was one of the best players on Ohio State’s football team last season. He has very good closing speed and can cover a lot of ground. His great instincts proved to help him tremendously last season as he was often found in the back field making a play. That is exactly the type of player that this Broncos defense needs.

Number 32: Seattle Seahawks – Stephon Tuitt DE – Notre Dame

This would be a match made in heaven for the Seattle Seahawks. Fresh off their Super Bowl victory, the front office in Seattle has some work to do. Michael Bennett’s contract is set to expire. Bennett recently said that the NFL is a business and while he would love to stay in Seattle, he will ultimately do what is best for Michael Bennett. Letting Bennett walk and replacing him through the draft is something that the Seahawks will definitely consider as they don’t want to overpay for a player. They will have to pay Sherman and Wilson soon. They need as much cap space as possible.

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  • Julien Bélair

    so the Chargers take Roberson before Gilbert….right

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson


  • chas territo

    From the end of season I’ve wanted Ebron at #9 for my Bills, but since he may be gone to TB, I will be happy with Robinson at #9. He’s a great 2nd choice that if Ebron wasn’t there would have been our 1st pick anyway. GO BILLS!!

    • Justen Rosenberg

      I’m glad we can finally agree on something regarding the Bills! As always, thanks for the comment, Chas!

  • Old Frog

    The Cowboys take a safety in the first instead of a lineman? I hope not….

  • Dan Onti

    Lions take a wideout when Jake Mathews is on the board?Bull -chit.

  • Paul Newbold

    Jets pass on Lee, if Ebron is gone, they go Amaro. Injury concerns, a bad habit of allowing the ball into his body, and a less then spectacular final year make Lee more of a gamble, then one of the TE’s. I see the Jets being active in the WR FA market, lessening the need to gamble on a first round receiver.

  • Loudawg

    Louis Nix doesnt get drafted in the first round?
    i would be happy seeing him in a chargers uniform, just destroying the raiders OL
    sorry guys, daydreaming here, cause we all know there isnt a chance, Nix will fall all the way to #25 on the board … comments, dreams, opinions, relationships with hot chicks are always fun yet usually dont amount to jack s#&* haha

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      I was thinking the same thing… but I don’t think Telesco would go for Nix.

      • Loudawg

        that is interesting that you would think that … anyone that can collapse the pocket and demand double teams, seems like someone i would want around .. i was reading about his knee injusry and everything seems great short term and long term .. what is your reason why you believe Telesco wouldnt want him IF he fell that far haha just curious, not trying to banter .. if it is just a gut/instinct thought that is cool as well, no need to fabricate : p
        always interested in what/why people think : )

        • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

          I guess you could say it’s a little gut, a little bit that he would take a CB, and a little bit of the knee injury. Keenan’s minor injury is one thing.. but Nix injury seems more serious in the long run. Plus, I think there will be Gilbert, Dennard, Roberson, or Verrett sitting there. Mostly, I think this year’s crop of DT’s isn’t strong. TT had Lotuleilei sitting there last draft, and didn’t even sniff him. Something tells me he won’t take one until next season, as the crop of free agent nose tackles is pretty good this season. Not to say that I would be mad if they picked Nix.. I just think there would be better players there at 25.

          • Julien Bélair

            Gilbert over Nix all day long for me. You draft Gilbert and you don’t look back

  • Milliken Steeler

    I honestly hope the Browns choose Manziel. He is a bust in waiting, He knows he isnt NFL ready and isnt leading squat to the Superbowl in his rookie season. He is talking non stop to get that big contract somewhere and bank the guaranteed money.

    He isn’t mature enough and his 200LB frame soaking wet is going to get himself injured the way he plays if and when he does finally step on the field.

    • John Duquette

      screw you Steeler guy admittedly our best years are ahead of us but you guys don’t look to be tearing it up for the near future. hopefully the only stooge left will see the light and listen to the new GM ,Ray Farmer who I think will not take Manziel at all.

      • Milliken Steeler

        Screw you? That is your retort to Manzeil? Did you come up with that between shifts playing counter jockey at the local 7-11?

        Now, if you want to talk football, here is my reply. This will tell you how far the Browns have come. If they pass on Johnny bust, you know they are on the right track, if they pick the new uber bust in waiting…….its the same old Browns.

        We don’t look good for the future? The Browns had there opportunity with the two 8-8 seasons and now that opportunity is gone. Despite injuries and an 0-4 start, we finished four games a head of you. We hired hof’er lineman Mike Munchak who will help tremendously with the line development. I wouldn’t worry about us to much as I would Mr Haslam.

        Again, if they select Manzeil? Business as usual. If they don’t despite Haslam’s impending indictment, they could be on the right track.

        • John Duquette

          all right I am backing off the “Screw You” thing probably a little over the line but don’t forget I am life long brownie so I got lot of pent up frustration when it comes to the Steelers. There is so much on the line this year we gotta get it right and most fans know Manziel is not the answer The plan as outlined by Justen looks great and some of the faithful also spelled out what they would like to see and trust me I don’t think anybody wants Manziel and his baggage. Finally if Mr. Haslam goes to the pookie tough noggies do wrong and you do time. Oh crap I gotta go my cat is getting sick on the carpet

          • Milliken Steeler

            Lol Okay John, I understand. Good luck to the Browns and I think we agree, passing on Johnny bust, would be a great start to the draft.

            He will be the first rookie to lead his team to a superbowl victory he says? smh I need to keep an eye on the sports books, because if there are odds on that one….I’m dumping some money on it.

    • Steve Batchelor

      I had my doubts about Manziel too but when he turned down corporate money to attend the SB and instead made the choice to stay in San Diego and train with George Whitfield I saw the light at the end of the tunnel for Johnny…He progressed from his Heisman year to last year and became more of a pocket passer…I don’t know what Manziel is going to turn out like but the boy can play. His intangibles with the right team can succeed. He has to have the tools around him though…In a Chip Kelly offense he would be pretty damn good.

  • John Duquette

    Justen,loved the analysis and the insight for each possible selection. I really hope you are wrong about Manziel, I think he is a train wreck waiting to happen. In your analysis Clowney would be available at the 4 slot if so I doubt there is a living breathing Browns fan who would not be overjoyed to see him playing for us. Good job please keep us posted on future developments. This is potential breakout year for the Browns with the draft picks we got

    • Justen Rosenberg

      Thank you man! I appreciate the comment! Totally agree on Manziel. I don’t think his game is going to translate into success in the NFL. Maybe his first season just based off the fact that it is something different. Once teams figure him out, I think it will all go downhill.

  • ahrcshaw

    Interesting pick for Carolina Panthers, but if there is a OT available Mr G will go that route. But even is Captain is kept with the team and I believe he will be. I think they would be stupid not to get a good CB out of this group. Talent is in the mind of the beholder, and when all it takes is opportunity sometimes. Not every top 10 draftee makes it to the next level.

    • Justen Rosenberg

      They definitely need to address the position, no doubt. I just don’t see an OT worthy of them drafting at their position. Even if there is, they might want to go receiver to get Cam some more help. Unless they trade up in the second to snag Landry or Adams.

      • ahrcshaw

        I have confidence in Mr G and Rivera to have their draft board listing of all top talented players, indicating priorities, and keying off specific players, just like they did last year. Then who ever is open at the time of their pick, the will jump on that person. Mr G said, a lot of times the person you need is on your bench, and we do have some young good players there. Not have the knowledge of these players makes it difficult for “Me’s” to determine who we need.

  • Jarrett

    While the Vikings do need help on defense I find it highly unlikely they that they would go defense in the 1st round. They need a quarterback and they are most likely going to take Carr or bortels if they can. Although with the new mallet trade rumors anything could happen.

    • Justen Rosenberg

      The Mallet rumors are quite interesting. I don’t know if they will want to reach for Carr. If anything they can trade down with a team that would want to grab Barr or Mack if they are available.

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  • Nick Mansoor

    SD takes Roberson over Gilbert? Is this dude on crack?NO WAY IN HELL THAT IS HAPPENING

    • Justen Rosenberg

      Haha, not exactly. I appreciate the comment though.

      • Nick Mansoor

        Just saying haha. But honestly, if Gilbert is available when the Chargers are up, expect them to pick Gilbert up.

        • Justen Rosenberg

          You never know. A lot can happen from now until May and every year you always see someone’s draft stock unexpectedly drop.

  • Lizzie

    My bet is the Panthers will take a WR, and it will be Robinson, or maybe a TE (Amaro?) in the first round.

    • Justen Rosenberg

      No way they draft a tight end, they have Olsen. He is still quite young and very productive. I could easily see them drafting a receiver, though.

      • Beth

        You’re probably right. I’m hoping they draft a WR. I think they should trade down for Watkins, Evans or Lee. Allen Robinson seems like a safe pic. Not crazy about Benjamin.

    • Steve Batchelor

      Amaro wouldn’t be a bad pick…Seems to have worked in New England with 2 TE’s…Besides, Amaro is a mismatch for almost any defensive back and is too fast for a LB. He lines up in the slot as much as he does at TE. I think you mean trade up for a few of the WR’s but I don’t see them doing that…This WR class after Watkins and Evans is pretty much pickem as they all seem to have their own pluses and minuses.

  • Steve Batchelor

    Justen…If Matthews is there at 7 the Bucs will take him and either trade or cut Penn and add 8 Mil to their Cap. While they could use Ebron I don’t he’s who they would take. I would much rather have Watkins at 7 and don’t really see the Rams taking him at 2…They’ll go OT. Long is too injury prone and is no sure thing to be ready when the season starts. Besides this draft is WR heavy and the Rams can get a good one at 13 or even in the 2nd round

    • Justen Rosenberg

      Appreciate the comment and love the insight.