Miami Dolphins strong safety Chris Clemons (30) reacts after breaking up a pass intended for Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen (not picture) at Sun Life Stadium. The Panthers won 20-16. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins Rumors: Chris Clemons 'not a priority'

The Miami Dolphins already have their starting strong safety locked up after giving Reshad Jones a massive contract last offseason following a breakout 2012 season, but it looks like they could have a new starting free safety next to Jones in 2014. Asked in his Twitter mailbag about the chances of Chris Clemons being re-signed, ESPN NFL Nation’s James Walker replied that although he wouldn’t “rule out” the Dolphins keeping Clemons, he doesn’t see him as a “priority” for the team to keep.

In fact, Walker writes that the Dolphins prefer to have a “more dynamic” free safety on their roster and calls Clemons “just average”. It doesn’t sound like the Dolphins will try to re-sign Clemons before the 11th of March, as Walker’s description of the situation seems to indicate that Clemons is a mere contingency plan whom new GM Dennis Hickey would prefer to upgrade.

It sounds like the Dolphins would like to get a free safety who is capable of intercepting plenty of passes and is strong in deep coverage, and Clemons doesn’t really do either of those things. He’s a decent enough starter in this league, but I think the Dolphins want more of a true “FS” so that they can play Jones more in the box, thus allowing him to excel in that role. In five career seasons, Clemons has just four interceptions, and the 28-year-old might honestly be a better fit in this league as a strong safety given his tackle totals of 98 and 92 in the past two seasons.

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  • Don Malott

    Sounds almost like your making this s*#t up Joe, Could not see a real professional team organization or person saying that any professional athlete was just average, especially if the athlete belonged to your organization.

    • Joe Soriano

      I think you need to re-check what I said. It’s James Walker who called Clemons “average”. The verb “calls” indicates that Walker is the one performing the action (calling, in this case), because the verb would have been conjugated as “call” had the Dolphins held this opinion.

      If you have an issue with my opinion on the situation, then it’s my fault haha. But if you have an issue with the rumor itself, then you had better take it up with James Walker.

      I don’t make anything up, man. I just read what others are reporting and spit my take on it. And my take is that it makes sense if the Dolphins can find a significant upgrade at an affordable price, which probably won’t happen.

      Thanks for stopping by, and please let me know if anything else needs clarification. Sometimes it’s tough haha.

      • Don Malott

        My bad, i do agree with you in we need an upgrade, to be honest with you I don’t feel Jones was being utilized correctly but he still under performed. Somtimes I hear so much negativityy about my beloved Finns, i get a little PO’d, It seems like the whole NFL has nothing positive to say about the Dolphins and I felt it was in bad taste to call a professional athlete average. I’m sure Mr. Walker wouldn’t have the you know what’s to call him out personally, but as you put it nicely it’s only a opinion.
        As far as the English lesson goes, forget it my wife has been trying to teach me for years, HAHA, Live well my friend, Anyways, PHINNS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Joe Soriano

          No worries haha, I hope I didn’t sound preachy, as I was only trying to clarify things. Didn’t want anyone’s words or the meanings behind them presented in the wrong context.

          I still can’t believe how much Reshad Jones regressed between 2012 and 2013, as he went from being one of the league’s best safeties to one of the league’s worst. I hope he bounces back next year, and I think he’ll be able to.

          And I hear ya on the negativity around the Dolphins. People like to sling mud at teams, especially when it’s easy pickings. I try to stay away from that and look at things even-keeled.

          Thanks for the kind words and take care, Don.

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