2014 NFL Mock Draft: The Ultimate 8 Part 3 (21-28)

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Oct 12, 2013; University Park, PA, USA; Penn State Nittany Lions wide receiver Allen Robinson (8) makes a catch during the fourth quarter against the Michigan Wolverines at Beaver Stadium. Penn State defeated Michigan 43-40 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

Hey there NFL SpinZoners (and fansiders and any other people that might be viewing this article online), how is it going? Welcome to my 3rd edition of the Ultimate 8 (8 of the best picks and analysis of the teams from around the NFL). In this edition of my Ultimate 8, I will be analyzing the 21st-28th picks in the NFL draft, from Green Bay to Carolina, they’re all here. Some may have disagreed strongly with my first edition, another bunch of people were a bit against my second one, but this one is a beauty. Although some of these picks may rustle some jimmies, I believe that with the stats and video/film analysis that will be brought to the table, these picks will definitely make most sense to you (the fans) and to the owners of our beloved NFL teams. For those with offensive picks in mind don’t get your hopes up, but no need to fear, there are still some good nuggets of offensive interest in this mock draft.

By the way kiddos, although I couldn’t get them to perform this edition, I think I can get a very special draft band to come and play for us. (I have to pull a few strings but I think I can get new NFL-inspired techno band Draft Punk to play and get a recording of it. Pretty sure I heard their new single ‘Get Rookie’ over NFL radio just the other day and it sounded pretty sweet. If I can get them to play for me, they also will be remixing Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round,’ with their own rendition “Wrong Round: The Ballad of Ryan Leaf”). Regardless though, all of these NFL teams will be up all night to get rookies, and hopefully this mock draft gives you and the NFL teams some advice to finding those aforementioned rookies. Thus, let’s get this show on the road! Enjoy (with a grain of salt please, not too much though, we all know what that does to your blood pressure).

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