Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields (37) throws the ball into the stands after an interception in the fourth quarter against Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin (19) at AT&T Stadium. The Packers beat the Cowboys 37-36. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Shields will test open market

The Green Bay Packers won’t re-sign Sam Shields after all, as Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reports that both sides won’t be able to agree on a deal before the 8th of March, so Shields will hit the free agent market. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is also reporting the same thing, and it means that teams in need of a corner will get to make offers to a young gun with plenty of upside.

It was initially believed that the Packers would be able to sign Shields to a very team-friendly deal, but that rumor seemed too good to be true. Tom Silverstein later tweeted yesterday that Shields would actually ask for something closer to $7 million per year, and it appears that’s the case now. It’s not surprising to hear that neither side will be able to get a deal done, even if there was initially plenty of room for optimism. I have a feeling Shields overvalues himself in the Packers eyes, because he knows that his age, 17 passes defended, and All-Pro potential will allow him to get paid more money on the open market. The Packers don’t like breaking the bank, and they aren’t going to overpay for Shields.

I hear a lot of people talk about Shields like he’s already a star, and I honestly don’t even see him as a true No. 1 corner right now. He certainly has the tools to be great and had some incredible moments last season, but he is still a risky guy to give a lot of money too since he hasn’t put it all together yet. Because even though Shields can make great plays, he gets burned too often to be praised as a shutdown corner. It’s going to be interesting to see who the Packers replace Shields with, because he was a good starter for them and losing him would create a huge need at CB. He was viewed as a huge priority for them to keep, so there’s still hope that the Packers can re-sign him once he hits free agency.

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  • Gunnar Martin

    That’s interesting. Maybe a little telling for how good of a player he really is. I like him, but I agree, he is a little overrated right now. He’ll probably end up getting overpaid because of his potential.

    • Joe Soriano

      Thanks for stopping by, Gunnar, and I’m with you on Shields.

  • palmercottrell

    He looked good compared to the poor play of his team mates. Did he earn a big money contract? I think all these players should get a fair base and then the remainder of their pay should be based on incentives.

    • Joe Soriano

      I’m always in favor of giving incentives so that players have to earn their paychecks, but top, young free agents like Shields don’t like taking those kinds of deals.