San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) scrambles under pressure of Seattle Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith (53) during the 2013 NFC Championship football game at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks defeated the 49ers 23-17 to advance to Super Bowl XLVIII. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Kaepernick wants around $18 million per year

The extension discussion on the San Francisco 49ers that has received the most media attention is head coach Jim Harbaugh’s potential extension, but talks regarding a new deal for star quarterback Colin Kaepernick are just as important. Kaepernick is heading into the final year of his rookie deal, which will pay him $973,766. He’s going to make at least $15 million more than that per year, even if he hinted at giving the 49ers a bit of a discount in comments made in late January. In fact, a $15 million per year deal would constitute a discount, as it sounds like Kaep is looking for several million more than that as one of the game’s most talented QBs.

Per sources close to the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin, Kaepernick is looking for a deal that is “similar or slightly better than” the extensions that were given to Dallas Cowboys star passer Tony Romo and Chicago Bears signal-caller Jay Cutler. Romo makes $18 million per year and Cutler makes $18.1 million, but the Cowboys QB makes a couple of million more in guaranteed money. In my book, Kaepernick is a better passer than Cutler and not as good as Romo, but the age gap certainly makes up for that distance.

Trent Baalke and the 49ers will likely have to pony up in order to lock up their franchise quarterback, and Volin reports that if Kaepernick feels that the 49ers aren’t giving him a good enough deal this offseason, he will simply play out the 2014 season under his current deal instead of rushing into a contract that he feels is lower than his value. It will be interesting to see how much the 49ers are willing to pay him and how quickly negotiations proceed. The 49ers have to carefully balance their budget, and that’s one of the most difficult things that elite teams face. Not only was it hard enough work to assemble a deep, talented roster capable of winning the Super Bowl, but maintaining it leads to tough decisions. Kaepernick is staying for sure, but the amount of money he takes will affect what the Niners can do; hopefully he’ll be much kinder than Joe Flacco was to the Baltimore Ravens.

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  • loverpoint

    What Kaepernick needs to understand is that he is only entering his 4th season in the NFL What he also needs to understand is that both of those QB’s are highly overpaid. Neither one of them has ever been to a Super Bowl, neither one has even been to the NFC Championship. Yet both of them are the backbone of the offense and put up big passing statistics , despite their frailty.

    The real question is how much will Kaepernicks game improve in the future, what kind of ceiling does he have
    2011- Kaepernick did not play
    2012- Kaepernick played half a season, had almost identical numbers to Alex Smith, Kaepernick had slightly more passing yards but didn’t have the completion percentage or QB rating that Smith has.
    2013 – Unless there are plans to use utilize Kaepernicks passing abilities more than they did in 2013 then there is no reason to give him $18 million. Sure it puts him up there with Romo and Cutler both of whom are signed till at least 2020.

    The reason I want to keep Kaepernick at the medium range salary for the next 4 years is so that he stays hungry. Aaron Rodgers didn’t get his big contract till his 8th season and between the end of his Rookie Contract and his current contract he won a Super Bowl and has been consistently the highest rated QB in the NFL. Whereas young QB’s that get monster contracts while young tend to fizzle out. Guys like Bradford, Sanchez, Stafford, Ryan, Flacco, have all fizzled out because their giant contract demands limited the teams cap space and the team was not allowed to secure a complete, and deep roster.

    I have said since the beginning of the 2013 season when talk of his extension first came up that I thought Kaepernick should extend him for 5 years till 2018 and give him what Matt Safford and Eli Manning make around $16-$17 million with around $35 -$40 million being guaranteed. Then both sides should be preparing for that 2018 when he could possibly be the highest paid QB.

    • Joe Soriano

      I like the suggested contract in the last paragraph, and I think/hope that Kaepernick will ultimately agree to that kind of deal when he looks at the cap situation of teams like the Cowboys and Ravens after giving huge extensions to a QB. The 49ers could easily run into cap problems if they aren’t careful, though Baalke and the FO are too good to let that happen. I think Kaep will realize just how special his situation in SF is with Gore, that line, and that defense and decides to stick around for a couple of million less per year. I mean, $15-16 million is still a hefty chunk of cash.

      But uh, since when has Matt Ryan fizzled out?

      • loverpoint

        Lets see what he does without Tony Gonzalez. Atlanta had to easy of a schedule in 2012 ( 13- 3 ) and that allowed Ryan to shine plus the fact that Sean Payton of N.O. was suspended. In 2013 Atlanta went (4-12 ). Will Ryan bounce back in 2014 ? I think Matty Ice is overpaid, he is getting top 5 QB money and all the other QB’s in his salary bracket have won Super Bowls.

        I agree the 49ers could run into some cap space problems and that is why I am on my knees begging Kaepernick to be reasonable, I think he is a reasonable guy, He must know that he has many more years of Million dollar plus salaries, not counting the millions more he could make in endorsements just by winning a Super Bowl or 2. What he needs to do to make sure he has success during this growing stage in his career and that there is enough money to keep a solid team around him, Rodgers was able to have success after Favre even though he has never had much of a running game, offensive line , or defense.

        If Marcus Lattimore fulfills the expectations of many fans, The 49ers get a good YAC WR , one that has the speed to score from anywhere on the field, plus a maintaining a defense that remains in the top 5 of the NFL then I believe there could be many Super Bowls in the future.

        • Joe Soriano

          It really isn’t right to evaluate SBs on Super Bowls, and it isn’t fair to compare anyone to Rodgers, who is the best QB in the NFL (there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s the best).

          I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph, and I wonder which WR could fit the bill for them this offseason. See anyone who can do that for the Niners?

  • Douglas Bob

    I hope Kaepernick gets grossly overpaid, so the 49ers will crumble around him
    Go Hawks