Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray (11) runs through the Appalachian State Mountaineers defense during the second half at Sanford Stadium. Georgia defeated Appalachian State 45-6. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Murray would love to play for Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Georgia Bulldogs product Aaron Murray is my fifth-ranked quarterback in this year’s draft class, and he is one of the top second-tier options available for teams that don’t want to have to pay premium for a quarterback in this year’s draft. A 2nd-3rd round prospect, Murray had plenty of success in college football’s toughest conference, and his body of work is significantly more impressive than fellow SEC draft prospect A.J. McCarron’s. Murray has all the intangibles and accuracy that McCarron does, and he also has significant better tools that could allow him to succeed as a starting quarterback in the NFL. At the very least, he’s worth taking a flier on if you don’t have a fully settled situation at the position.’s Jack Jorgensen was recently able to interview Murray, and the most interesting takeaway from the interview wasn’t too surprising. When asked if there is a team that Murray would love to play for in particular, he responded that it would be “special” to play for the hometown Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He said, “Absolutely, I’d be happy to just be chosen by any organization, but growing up in Tampa, it’d be special to go back home and play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I grew up going to Bucs games and it’d be a great experience to get to play my professional football there.”

The Bucs make logical sense as a landing spot for Murray, because they could use another quarterback in this year’s draft class. While they might not want to spend their first-round pick on a guy like Derek Carr, they could go for a second-tier QB in Murray. This would give them another young guy to try out and develop at the position, and it would also enable them to stick with last year’s second day pick Mike Glennon for another year.

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  • John Vassar

    Aaron needs to go look at the Bears offense under Lovie. Not one time were the Bears above 20th. Tedford is an unkown at the Pro level, and other than Rodgers none of his other QB’s did anything. He should be angling for the Bears, Pat’s or another team that is QB friendly. Good write up!

    • Joe Soriano

      Thanks for the kind words, John.

      It would be nice to see Murray backing up a top quarterback, and I think your criticism of Tedford is definitely fair. However, I feel like Murray’s best fit in the NFL is on a team where he has a chance at being developed into a starter sooner rather than later, and I just don’t see that happening in Chicago. Trestman might be the league’s best QB guru right now, but Murray’s best fit might be on Cincy where he would back up Andy Dalton.

      NE is an intriguing fit, but I think they only make sense if there is sufficient interest for Ryan Mallett, which is unlikely at this point in time.

      • John Vassar

        You make a good point about a place were he can be groomed to start. Here is why I go with the Bears: Regardless if McCown comes back or not, they will need a backup within a year of two. So Murray comes in and gets schooled by Trestman/Cavanaugh. Now if Cutler can’t shake off injuries or blows himself up, they have a starter. I look at it like the Favre/Rodgers transition.